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Tuesday, September 25, 2007
Blizzard takes a day off

Just kidding, but by a curious coincidence the day of SOE downtime is the same day where patch 2.2 brings an extended downtime to World of Warcraft. Patch 2.2 has patch notes long as my arm, and as I'm not actively playing any more I find it hard to say which of these numerous small changes really have a big impact on the game. But the one thing that sticks out is the introduction of voice chat. Yes, voice chat is now integrated into World of Warcraft. Goodbye Teamspeak and Ventrilo!

Somebody please try it out and comment how good or bad it is working.
Let's hope this is finally the end of Manginas!

All kidding aside, I hope VC doesn't become common in non instances. For those gamers that are hearing impaired, will they have trouble getting groups that don't want to be bothered with typing everything out.
I checked the voip out on the test real when it first came out. It sounded all right, it certainly is worth what you pay for it:) I don't see vent or TS going anywhre though. It will come in handy for pugs, but I know my guild doesn't have any plans to stop using vent anytime soon.
My feeling right now is that there is no chance I'll use the in-game voice chat for a PuG. My opinion may change, and I hope it does.

Really, I think this will hugely benefit small guilds who weren't willing/able to pay for a vent server.

As to the question Tobold asked, it sounded fine on the PTR, the interface was intuitive enough and the it's a nice free feature. But the only reason I was on the PTR was to nail down what my settings had to be for the new Mac Movie capture feature.
As reported from Blizzard Europe...
Servers down from 3am to 11am
All web services (including account mngmnt and forum) from 1am to 3am

I'll try voice feature as soon as possible tomorrow if my server will have it. I say so because as I've read, Blizzard is going to deploy voice service on a staged basis. Every week they will add voice to a bunch of servers until all are enabled.
Since it is a completely opt in system, there is little threat to get bombarded with crap. But if a player goes and joins some random channel, they have no one to blame but themselves for getting hit with retard central.

I hear Arnold S.(aka Terminator) is making the rounds quite well this evening.
Won't comment on the VC... until I test it.

Now it takes some weeks for the Addons to get up to date, so the playing for such an addon freak as myself will be severely handicapped.

The list is extensive, but mostly concerning gear, instances, world and creature tweaks. I didn't go too explicitly through the nerfs/tweaks of the classes, but I didn't notice anything too drastic there on my first glance.

How nice of them to do all the maintenance at once, however.

Compared to Vent or TS it is very clumsy. We tested it on the PTR and weren't so keen on it, so we are not going to be using it it its present form.
Orcs have shoulders again!

And honor farmers in AV have been forced out of the cave and into action, from what I heard last night.
Hope that holds...
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