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Friday, September 28, 2007
Feedback needed on blog layout

You might not even have noticed it, but the blog post titles should have changed color, indicating that they are now clickable hyperlinks. I've had permanent links at the bottom of the page for a long time, but thought that a clickable title would be more useful if you want to go to the page where there is just that one blog post with all its comments and links. If that change broke something, please tell me.

And while we're at it, I would like to invite you to comment on the layout of my blog. I'm trying to keep it simple for several reasons: I don't have leet programming skillz, and the blog is supposed to look professional enough that it isn't too obvious you're slacking at work and reading my blog instead of working on a Friday afternoon. :) I think I have all the necessary features of a blog to access my archives and such; tell me if this blog is missing features you'd like to see, and I'll check if I'm able to add them.

I know this blog doesn't have a blogroll, but that is intentional. I don't want to get into fights who should or shouldn't be included in it. And I'm far too lazy to check all the links of a long blogroll to see whether they are all still active. I do read other people's blogs, and if I see a good post, I'd rather link to it in a blog post of mine than just add the whole blog to a blogroll. If I overlooked your blog and you think I should mention it, send me an e-mail and I'll have a look at it.
Thanks for the change. The link was always missing in the past. I like to read the comments directly below your post and I don't want a separate pop-up window with them.
Definitely an improvement Tobold. It is great to be able to read the blog entry and comments on the same page.

Only complaint I have is that you write so prolifically - it can be hard to keep up with your blog entries ;)

On the issue of blog links - any time you have mentioned my own blog my readership has doubled for a couple of days (The Tobold effect) so I am just grateful for any little bit of reflected glory.
Keep it just the way it is :-) The improvement of the linked titles is convenient but for me not really necessary. All in all I like your blog 'as is' due to the matter-of-fact-like looks and not too many attention-seeking windows and tabs.

thanks for the good work
The simple layout does indeed disguise the fact that I am not working! It could be any text document I have open.
Bildo has a really nice layout on his blog, but all the links to other blogs is really distracting!
The basic and clean layout was the first thing that attracted me on your blog on the first place, as I was plunging through the blog-space... but the content keeps me coming back!

Yes, the look disguises the fact I'm not reading some ultra-important work related doc, so don't you go changing the looks!

Keep the quality up and discard the fluff!

keep it the way it is. Its gr8!
A really nice change there, with the clickable titles :) And while my boss doesn't have problems with me doing non-work-related things at the workplace (as long as I don't write the hours afterwards and he doesn't have to pay me for it) a fancier layout wouldn't bother me, but: It looks nice, and professional, and clean, and thus quite reflects the quality of the content.
The only thing that gives it away that I'm not looking at an official document is the pastey-faced fellow in the brown robe in the top right corner, but I don't think this place would be the same without him ;)
I like simple when it comes to blogs. I'm coming to read thoughts and opinions and share mine. I don't want to sort through a bunch of fluff.

I think it looks great.
I don't like the blue of the links, as the black look, like others said, made it look like a document instead of a webpage.

Other than that, I like your distinctive style.
I like the layout - I read most often on my phone, and the simply layout renders really well. The list of links would make me sad, because I often have to scroll through them all to get to the content.
Aside from your post being a bit wordy, I think you're game blog is the best - by far.

Insightful commentary without sarcasm is very rare for gaming websites. Everyone wants to be like Lum but one of is enough - more than enough.

Keep up the great work!
I meant to type "your game blog" not "you're game blog".
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