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Monday, October 08, 2007
New WoW mount only $14,280 MSRP

In case you haven't seen it yet, YouTube has the latest Toyota Tacoma TV commercial, which plays in the World of Warcraft, and shows how you can use a Toyota Tacoma to solo an epic dragon (using indigestion). The "Four Wheels of Fury" Tacoma in WoW is even faster than an epic riding mount. Rumor has it that if you buy a Tacoma (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price starting from $14,280) you might find a rare WoW coupon in the glove compartment, which gives you access to the truck in-game. NOT.

Actually I can't think of any logical connection between WoW and a pickup truck. Is World of Warcraft now so well known that people "get" a TV commercial making fun of it? Including such subtle references as the night elf chick having a male voice on Teamspeak? I wouldn't have thought there are so many WoW players in the market for a truck to make such a commercial worth while. Or as they say in the video:

There is no trucks in World of Warcraft!

I guess that South Park episode winning an Emmy had something to do with it.
Actually I can't think of any logical connection between WoW and a pickup truck.

The connection is the audience: young men in their 20s.

And the ad was pitch-perfect for that. Nailed it. It's short and weird enough to become viral.

Toyota has a history of these types of ads though. Do a search for Toyota on You Tube.
Man, Toyota must have a completely different image in the US than here in Europe. Over here only reasonable, responsible people buy Toyotas. For the 5-year guarantee, and because the cars look so boring nobody would ever steal them. Believe me, I drive one. But that is because I'm 42. I couldn't think of any young man in their 20s wanting to drive a Toyota over here.
Models differ, I can't imagine a normal 40 years old man driving a Toyota Supra (that is the only challenger to Skyline GT-R series and Lancer Evo), for example.
I'm with you on this one Tobold. I couldn't make the reasonable connection other than the fact that WoW sells and they want their trucks to sell. I've seen some harsh feedback for my negativity towards WoW and especially this ... if you can call it one...commercial.
Since I "don't get" 99 percent of tv commercials anyway - it's funny to be on the other side for once.

Outside of gaming, I'm hopelessly out of touch with popular culture.
Toyota has that same image here. Very responsible, not really stylish. But solid, quality cars. They have respect, in a way the other car companies--especially North American ones--don't have.

Which makes their commercials really funny. Because it's so at odds with their public persona.
There's a difference between the Toyota sedans (Corolla, Prius) and the trucks/SUV (Tacoma, 4Runner, etc.). The sedans are very sensible indeed, not something that would impress a prom date. Trucks/SUVs are marketed to a younger demographic. Kind of like Honda Accords vs. Honda Elements or Subaru Outbacks vs. the WRX (small sedan, but used in rally events).
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