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Friday, October 26, 2007
Pirates of the Burning Sea preorder delayed

This just in from the folks at Flying Labs:
This is not the news that we wanted to bring you, but there’s been a hold up in the pre-order process. It turns out that the release of the preorder box is being delayed while the retailers and SOE finish processing all of the returns of Gods & Heroes preorder boxes. Obviously, the cancellation of Gods & Heroes after the preorder boxes were already in stores is a very unusual situation and it is taking a bit longer than expected to work out the kinks.

To give the retailers and SOE time to finish processing those returns, the PotBS preorder box is being delayed until the week of November 13th.

We’re really sorry for the confusion, but we’re fixing it and then we can get the boxes in your hands.

Our friends at SOE are also very sorry. This has been a difficult week for them as most are working remotely out of hotel rooms and friends’ houses safely away from the fires. Some are getting back into the office today, and with their help we were able to sort out the issues involved in the preorder delay.

Before the preorder release date, we’ll make sure we have all the information you need: when the boxes will be in stores, what stores you can find it in, and where you can order the preorder box online. These are the three big questions you’ve been asking on our forums, and now that not quite so many things are burning (!) we will be able to get you those answers in time for the release.

Just a couple more weeks and then we’ll be there. Land is in sight.
Some fans are making a huge drama out of it, but realistically it doesn't matter whether you get the pre-order box three weeks later, as the release is only in January. I'm sure the guys from SOE are doing their best, but between the fires and the Gods & Heroes pre-order recall fiasco they aren't having an easy time right now. I can understand retailers not wanting to put another pre-order box on the shelves right after selling one of a cancelled game from the same distributor.

On the good news side of things the PotBS devs announced that they were close to a deal with European distributors, thus they are confident they will be able to launch PotBS in North America and Europe at the same time. Australia and Asia unfortunately will have to wait some more time.
I really see absolutely no reason for fans to make a big deal out of a pre-order box delay. It's highly unlikely that this would delay the game's launch and theres nothing you really get now from pre-ordering that you couldn't wait another 2-3 weeks.

Oh wait, the pre-order?

Not the game?

The pre-order?

I wish i had such an easy-going life that this news would rock it...
For a second I thought "working remotely ... safely away from the fires" meant the "fires" in the office, office is not safe due to the recent problems, layoffs, etc. Like someone in HR is sitting there "let's see who still works here?" then if you show up he remembers you and says "oh yeah you! you're fired too!" So just stay out of site! :)

Usually when there's a huge office emergency to take care of we call it "firefighting" or "putting out fires" which often means handling some executive with kid gloves because he's gone on a tirade again.
Err I suspect they mean Actual fires... they are most probably in California which has a slight wildfire problem.. and they are located in SanDiego
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