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Tuesday, November 20, 2007
I'll get you, Terrok!

There is a quest in Skettis where you summon Terrok, the Arakkoa god who gave his name to Terrokar, and kill him in a 5-man group. I already participated in that event twice, once as my priest and once as my warrior, but in both cases only to help out, not having the quest myself. And stupidly as priest I was so concentrated on healing people that I didn't really notice how the event goes, a common problem I have with playing my healer. So when I did it as the tank, I didn't even know I was supposed to pull him into the blue flames when he becomes invulnerable, until my group started shouting at me. :) We still won, but I decided to do better next time, and do the quest myself.

The quest series starts with a quest to collect 6 shadow dust, which drop regularly from the Arakkoa of Skettis. For that you get a potion that allows you for 20 minutes to see the invisible Time-Lost Arakkoa. You then have to go and kill their high priests. That was actually quite hard to do solo, especially the one who kept healing himself with Flash Heals. I got really annoyed when I nearly had killed him and my potion ran out, so the fight ended without me killing him, and I had to start over from the beginning. Gather another 6 shadow dust, get another potion, try again. This time I got lucky guessing when he would bombard me with his Shadow Word: Pain and some poison spell, and got my spell reflection up just before, which helped a lot to bring him down. Interrupting the Flash Heals is a priority in that fight, otherwise its impossible as a protection warrior solo.

After that there are some easy quests, involving getting a pack for a captured Arakkoa, then using the Arakkoa disguise from it to by a book from a half-blind sage. And then you get the Adversarial Blood quest to find the parts for the Time-Lost Offering, which enables you to summon Terrok. The problem with that is that you need to summon four smaller bosses for the parts. Each summoning needs 10 Time-Lost scrolls, which only drop from the invisible Time-Lost Arakkoa. And with one potion to make them visible you only get 20 minutes of seeing them, which isn't even enough to find 10 scrolls. So first you need to farm 30+ shadow dust from the visible mobs, get enough potions to enable you to farm the invisible mobs, and get the 40 scrolls together.

Once you have everything, you need a group to kill the 4 small bosses and then Terrok. Stupidly the quest drop from the small bosses can be rolled for by everyone in the group, not just the guy who worked so hard to get the scrolls. Thus you can forget about doing this with a pickup group, as definitely somebody will ninja loot by rolling need on the quest part, and then you can start farming all over again. Tell your group to pass on the quest item, but the small bosses also drop decent blue stuff, on which everyone could roll. Terrok himself even drops epic cloaks sometimes, or blue gear if you aren't so lucky. But the main reward is just reputation, 1000 for the person with the quest, 350 for the other participants.

This is actually a nice event to do for a guild. I'm not a big fan of farming mobs in a group, so I'll farm 40 scrolls solo. But once you have the scrolls you get a fun event for a 5-man group, not too hard for a decent guild group, and dropping either 4 blue items, or 4 blue and 1 epic, in a relatively short period of time. If you have a balanced group, as you should anyway, there should be something for everyone. And you get to vanquish a bird god, who could ask for more?
Once I realized what a pain farming the scrolls would be I dropped the quests and just started doing the daily bombing quest. Yes, it takes ages to get exalted but in the end who cares, it's not like my life depends on having yet another epic flying mount two weeks earlier.
Is farming the scrolls any harder than collecting 40 Troll head-pieces or whatever in STV?
This questchain shows how much effort Blizzard DO put into the non-raid end-game.
I wish people would stop knocking WOW so much. If you don't like it, go play another game; there are thousands of them out there.
Its really quick just to use a well equipped melee dps to gather the dusts and scrolls. I believe one shadow potion last 20 minutes and usually thats enough time to get 20 scrolls or so. If you have a healer friend they can join you without a shadow potion and just heal you as you do the gathering.
It's long, but I don't mind killing the bird men for the dusts and scrolls. After all, each kill gives another 10 rep points, so I end up with about another 1,000 reputation just for the farming part. I do the daily bombing quest as well, but at 350 reputation per run and 42,000 reputation needed to exalted, that would take me 120 days to complete.
Thanks for the review!

I have a toon that has had this quest sitting in the quest log for weeks. Since farming is no problem for that toon, I'll have to finish this out.
Do the daily quests up in BEM...makes the rep grind go a lot faster.
I have two char Exalted with Skyguard, neither finished Adversarial Blood. I did heal an attempt at Terrok, but the group whiped and we didn't have the quest items to resummon him.

BEM + Skettis is 6 daily quests for about 2,500 Skyguard rep in 35-45 minutes. Oh, and gold. Lots and lots of gold.
Adverserial Blood is easily the worst-designed quest in the entire game. The more layers you peel on that onion, the worse it smells. What amazes me most is that this quest came with Burning Crusade, an expansion that was heralded for it's more-focused, streamlined quests. Ugh.
Yes can only recommend the Blades Edge Dailies.

Ogri'la and Skyguard faction are obtained very fast.
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