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Sunday, November 25, 2007
Possible absence for a week

I'm going on a business trip today, to some out of the way place. And what worries me is that the website of the hotel where I'll be staying doesn't mention anything about "internet". So it is possible that I'll be without internet for a whole week, how am I going to survive that? :)

Actually, getting away from everything for a week is nice. But be warned that there might be no blog entries all week. If you get bored, post in the comment section of this post about what subject you want me to talk when I'm back.
Tobold! The important question is: What single player game are you going to bring with you to keep you entertained?

Dwarf fortress? Armageddon Empires? or perhaps something a little more mainstream like Company of Heroes?
Final fantasty tactics for psp, imo.
I hope you parked your blogging mind at a double xp rest centre.

And then we get double the posting and content when you get back!
Good riddance! Oops, I mean, take the time as rest: I'm having the same situation next week!

I surely hope you don't double post except in quality and content wise, not post wise.


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