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Friday, December 28, 2007
How the WoW raid of the future will look

Hammer of Grammer has this WoW comic on the future of raids which is very funny. And so true.

I found this via Og's Ledger, a blog dedicated curiously enough to the art of WoW auction house flipping, buying low and selling high. Very interesting read. I'm not sure I'm doing Og a favor by linking to him, as I'm aware that some players consider AH flipping to be some sort of crime. I'd say it's just applied economics meeting bad AH design by Blizzard. But that would be the subject of a much longer post.
The events that happen in World of Warcraft are a drop in the bucket compared to Warcraft 3 and it's expansion.

Many many many people die and kingdoms fall/rise in the Warcraft series. It's taken this long (3 years) of WoW for anything remotely interesting to happen, not including the expansion.
Comparing WoW with Warcraft series (a RTS) is like comparing cabbages and lamps.
Is that comic even remotely what a raid is like? Is it really that "min max"?
It's actually much worse at the elite level. *Much*.

I remember many debates with my fellow MT about the difference between 2% block vs +7 stam in regards to one specific encounter. The difference on the choices at the time was likely .001%, but hey, every bit helps when you are learning an encounter...

I think it actually reached close to 20 posts on our forum. Yea, raiders min/max :)
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