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Tuesday, February 26, 2008
Everything you wanted to know about WAR

... is on this forum thread. Thanks to the Greenskin for finding that link. He is well on his way to create a great Warhammer Online site, and the game isn't even out yet!
Can't get to the website through my work filter, but according to most beta testers, there is a ton of stuff in WAR that is not set in stone. Which means a lot of announcements from EA Mythic need to start coming out detailing what has changed.

I am not a tester and I don't have some wacky inside info. I am just stating what has been said through beta leaks and later confirmed via official announcements.
Read this
"Enjoy player models that change to reflect the relative power of a character (i.e., Orcs grow in size and Dwarfs' beards get longer). A mixed item system where Dwarfs armor looks nothing like goblin armor, and a customizable armor and a visual guild system that allows a player to make their character truly unique. "

How do they plan to pull this off in an MMO system? It does say, I wonder if this really means
If they actually have customizable characters, and the players can have a modicum of control over that customization as they play and level. That will be huge.
One of the most commonly asked for things on WOW that I've seen is the ability to change the color of your gear.
I'd read most of this before, but having it all together is very nice. I just wish they'd send me an invite already, I'm excited to see if they've scratched the surface of what it looks like they're hoping to do.
openedge1, it is accomplished via their Trophies system and the fact that as you rank up (level up), your character grows in size or changes in some way. Therefore lower ranking characters look visibly different than higher ranking ones without just looking at gear.

The trophies system has been well detailed elsewhere and shown off, but as all things beta, could always be cut.
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