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Thursday, March 06, 2008
Gary Gygax dead

A reader alerted me to the fact that Gary Gygax died this week. He was one of the inventors of Dungeons & Dragons, and thus a great many of the features and conventions we see even in modern MMORPGs go back directly to his creative genius. Not only D&D players will mourn his passing.
There's a comic at GU Comics dedicated to his passing. It's very good.

And another.

RIP, Mr. Gygax
one of the few who added a little colour to this grey world...

rest in peace...
Well said Anroth,

I can recall a time in mmorpgs when most players raised on D&D would have known who GG was and of his great contribution to the genre.

Alas, I'd be amazed if even one in a thousand of the WoW generation even recognised the same. :(
While we're collecting remembrances - here one from John Kovalic (of Munchkin and Dork Tower fame)

Cheers Gary, and thanks for all the fish!
He reffed me in a game of Dangerous Journeys!

Probably one of the neater moments of my gaming career )
I still have my old, well-worn AD&D books, and spent many fun hours playing.
Thanks, Mr. Gygax, for the good times! May he rest in peace.

PS -- On the main WoW community site, Blizzard posted a short, but very kind, memoriam and tribute to Mr. Gygax. (Dated 3-4-08)
this is old news
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