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Sunday, March 30, 2008
Philips DVDR3597H region free

I bought a new Philips TV recorder this weekend, with a 250 GB hard drive and a DVD+R drive to make permanent copies of whatever you recorded and want to keep. Its a Philips DVDR3597H/31 to be exact, the big brother of the DVDR3595H. Installing it was easy, upgrading the firmware to version 1.61 from the Philips support website somewhat more difficult. And then in spite of what the vendor had told me, even with the firmware upgrade the DVD drive wouldn't play my region 1 DVDs I bought in the USA. So I searched the internet for a region free hack, which would make my machine multi region capable. And I found one that works:

1) Turn the DVDR3597H on, with no DVD in the drive
2) press HOME, so the browser appears
3) press PLAY. The display on the machine should say "BROWSER"
4) Slowly enter the following code: 159121212005255 (the numbers should appear on the display)
5) press PLAY. Done!
...And do you insert the disc at any point? xD
This doesn't work for me (I'm on fireware 1.61 like you). If I press HOME, the LED display on the recorder says "BROWSER" immediately, not after the next step. When I press the play/pause button (either on the recorder on the remote), nothing happens and then each number press in the hack code on the remote displays nothing in the LED display (still says "BROWSER") and a blue "X" appears in the top right of the onscreen GUI to indicate invalid key press on the remote! This is a UK DVDR3597H/05 model, BTW.
Hi , in Ireland here my model is DVDR3597H/05 and the process above did not work . However I got it to work using the code listed and variation on the method . I did not have to shut down , open or close the tray or anything like that.

I noticed that when in the home menu with Hard disk highlighted if you press play it takes 5-7 seven seconds for the blue x (indicating an incorrect key press) to appear in the top right corner of the screen so I figured I would give the following a try .

1)DVD drive should be empty
2)Press home on the remote
3)Press the play button .
3)Enter the code as listed above 159121212005255 followed by the play button again , this needs to be done quickly before the blue x appears indicating an incorrect key press. NOTE: numbers did not appear on the display for me except one of the 0's for some reason)
4)You will not be given any indication as to whether it has succeeded but you should be able to test immediately with a disc from another region .
Pete you're a genius!

Seriously....amazing work!

I looked for a week and found several variations of the multiregional codes for this unit. None of them worked, precisely for the reasons you identified.

I had pretty much given up (I literally was within minutes of putting it back in and returning it to the store, as many of my disks are not Region 2).

Your variation worked immediately for me.

Well are a genius, indeed!
Cheers guys ,

Glad to be of help . The hard work figuring out the code etc. was done by others in fairness . If anyone knows of other places where the hack should be posted please do as I found it quite hard to find/figure out the hack for this .

Has anyone found these hacks not to work with the latest 3.04 firmware?

Hi ,

My version is currently 3.04 on model DVDR3597H/05 (bought it in Ireland not sure if there are major differences depending on region) and the hack I posted above works for me .
Worked brilliantly, straight in first time and now watching a US release of Invader Zim. Thanks so much for this code!
My version is currently 3.06 on model DVDR3597H/31 from Italy.
I upgraded a week ago from v1.43.
I live in Istanbul.
the region is OK for me.
but I haven't any other region disc.

I tried the procedure.
which button is the "PLAY" button.
"PLAY" button was not clear for me;

One times;
I assumed the "OK" button as the PLAY button on the remote control.
and again, 000 digits appeared on the display while the ...005... code.
Later nothing.

Second times
I assumed the "Pause Live TV" (play and pause) button as the PLAY button on the remote control.
and again, 000 digits appeared on the display while the ...005... code. then nothing changed on the menu

But I can't try other region CD or DVD.
I need try it.

I can concur that this hack does work. My player is running 3.06 firmware updated from 1.43 by USB. You must input the numbers quickly (try to memorise them so you don't watch the display), and they do appear on the display, before the "invalid input" icon apears on the screen. I did power off to stand-by before trying my region 3 X-Men 2 and it started up as you would expect. Happy days!

XBox "Team Valmoto"
I'm in UK, forgot to mention that.

XBox "Team Valmoto"
Hi Pete, here's my tip of the hat from Belgium for your simple and efficient help !!! Bravo ! Sign: Carlos
I send comment on Oct2008. Then I didn't write to you. I tried other region DVD with v3.06 on DVDR3597H/31. Multi region capable is ok, no problem.
Thank you sooooooo much. I now have a multi regional machine :)
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