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Friday, April 25, 2008
Waiting for AoC beta key

In a system probably designed to avoid overloading servers, the Fileplanet beta keys for Age of Conan are handed out in waves, several batches per day, on a first come first serve basis. Whenever I log onto the site, no keys are available, but this is early days. I sure hope I'll manage to get a key. I preordered Age of Conan, but I'd love to play it already on May 1st, which is the start of a 4-day weekend over here.
Keep a browser open, and refresh it.

When it says "coming soon" or something like that, keys will be distributed within a few minutes.

Make sure as soon as it says that, you refresh the page every minute or so. When the keys are available, fill out your birthdate, and check mark BOTH boxes ASAP.

Then, start downloading. Its about 12gb, took a few hours, but I let it download overnight.

One other tip: I don't know if they release it at the same time every day, but yesterday keys were released at 3pm EDT, and at 2am EDT...whatever that converts to where you live.

I don't expect that AoC will tear me away from WoW...but a nice change of scenery will be nice.
go to and download website-watcher. You can configure it to poll the AoC beta site every 10 or 15 seconds and alert you on a change to the page. Once it says "coming soon", have your browser up and logged into fileplanet ready for the next change alert which will be the keys.

I got this suggestion from someone on an AoC forum and it worked for me on Batch1 today.
I keep checking also .. now is a great time for me to beta as I just quit WoW. If not .. I am happy in LOTRO now.
When it says "coming soon" or something like that, keys will be distributed within a few minutes.

It was in "coming soon" for an hour yesterday for me before it changed.

But it did seem to be pretty much on a whole hour, so probably better to check a bit more often then.
(With Tobold's blessing :) )

For those still waiting for a key, here's a little post I wrote with a couple of tips on getting a key. :) The gist of it is, be aware exactly what URL you're refreshing/reloading (since the page forwards to another one automatically when it's not time, and there have been people reloading that "temp_closed" page instead of the actual registration page -- meaning they never get to see the registration open even when it IS); and consider using FP's program Comrade, which pings you when keys are done. Details here:

Good luck on your key hunting!
i got one. install the Comrade application and add TeamFilePlanet as an ambassador. it'll notify you when keys are available. i got a key - here's how i did it.

wait for the site to say "Coming Soon" against a date which means the keys will be available in about 2 hours, and keep loading

If it redirects to temp_closed.aspx, then the keys aren't available. close the browser and load again. rinse and repeat until you get a signup page. dont refresh the temp_closed.aspx page, because that wont redirect if the keys are available.

i'm 7 hours different from the time zone these keys are being handed out in, so it's taken me quite a while !

good luck Tobold - i'll see you in game :D
ok, that link was truncated
i've split it onto several lines now
Russ, long links get truncated when in "comment mode" but if you click on the entry name and bring up the entire entry plus comments, the links are fine. :)
I would say don't sweat it, as you'll probably play a couple hours and give up :P
What I admire in you, Heartless, is your endless optimism. :)

Anyway, got the key, downloaded the 12 GB, and am currently installing.
Grats Tobold, looking foward to your opinons/thoughts
Heh, that is optimism. I'll be surprised if you make it past a couple hours. I'm a PvP diehard, and I couldn't stomach the worthlessness of AoC. I thought this industry was past the point where if EVERY SINGLE BETA TESTER says the game isn't ready for launch, then the game doesn't launch. Sadly, AoC is going to prove me wrong on that one.
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