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Friday, May 23, 2008
Age of Conan nudity

Over the last couple of days the top Google search term leading people to my site has been "age of conan nudity". Lets tastefully assume that this is all concerned parents who want to make informed decisions of whether they can let their children play this game. :) In any case, there appears to be demand for me to write about the subject. So how much nudity, sex, or nipples are there in Age of Conan? Don't worry, I won't post screenshots, this won't become a NSFW post. :)

When you start Age of Conan, the first quest NPC you meet is a young lady tied to a rack, wearing a kind of strangely shaped gold bikini. The outfit definitely is sexy, but strictly speaking there is no nudity, the essential parts are covered. And that is the most revealingly dressed NPC I've seen up to now, the ladies in Tortage are more covered. There are mature dialogues with sexual innuendo, and you'll meet some NPC ladies of negotiable virtue, but you never see them naked or engage in any sexual acts. There is also a logoff screen with scantily clad girls, but no nudity. Age of Conan has less sex and nudity than a Boris Valejo poster or the recent single-player RPG The Witcher.

So where is all the excitement about Age of Conan having versions with and without nipples coming from? Well, there is a way to see nipples and nudity in AoC, but for that you have to create a female character. In other games, when you remove all clothing from your paper doll, your avatar is shown wearing some sort of underwear. In Age of Conan, if you remove a female character's clothing from the paper doll, you'll see her topless and wearing a G-string. In the open beta version, which I assume is the version the US got, you'll see her breasts including the *shape* of the nipples, but the nipples are the same color as the flesh. In the European version I have now, the nipples have a more realistic looking reddish texture circle. You don't see your toon naked in the character editor, but there is a slider for female avatars that controls breast size up to Dolly Parton proportions. So if you are into virtual sex dolls, you can create a female character with rather preposterous shapes, undress her in the game, make her move with emotes, and look at her from all possible camera angles. I'm not an expert, but I'd guess that for $15 a month you can find better offers on the internet, virtual or otherwise.

And as a guild mate of mine remarked in guild chat recently when we discussed these "features": "Tobold wishes to inform you that he only looked at all this for blog research!" :)
lol I can only imagine what the mailbox in Orgrimmar would be like if this feature were in Warcraft ^_^;
I actually talked to a topless questgiver somewhere in Khopshef Province. I was also briefly flashed by another questgiver in the Thirsty Dog Inn in Tortage.

Whether these incidents was due to graphical errors (like me running around Hyboria without my helmet and hair) or on purpose I can't say.

It didn't really do it form me. I mean there are way better pron outlets litterede around the web anyways. :)
Sure Tobold. ;-) Blog research... yeah.
The 'mature' nature that this game was marketed as is so watered down (and now optional with the titty toggle in interface options) that I don't see it pleasing either camp, the older players like myself wanting a true mature game, and the anti-nudity/gore/whatever players that refuse to accept the game as it was written and based in the books.

For me, as I've said it's a wash. Your character is only topless, if like you said you make a female and remove her top, and the rest of the game at least on Tortage is just innuendo's. Far from what I imagined when the game was described as mature. I was expecting a lot more that what we were given with Age of Conan.
Well there's actually a NPC in the Lotus swamp (the prospecting trainer) that's topless. There's really no reason for her being topless though so I'm guessing it's a bug and will be fixed at some point.

There's also a npc in Tortage that has a very see-through top, but there are some graphical errors with that so it just looks odd.
We should never underestimate the creativity (desperation?) of the MMORPG playing population. Just look at how Second Life turned out. I predict it is only a matter of time before AOC has its very own lapdancing guilds who will perform pixellated topless dances for gold.

PS Tobold, I have been predicting the imminent demise of Fantasy MMORPGs for some time now on the somewhat unsound principle that just because I am bored with them everyone else must be too. It gave me some hope to see you admit to a certain ennui with the genre yourself. Eventually if I wait long enough my dire prediction has to come to pass and I will be able to proudly boast to the whole internet that "I told you so".
As long as the topic has come up, what about other players? Is the female "armor" so scanty that there are boobies hanging out all over the place? Are other players actually choosing to run around topless, or is the penalty of doing without armor enough to get them to keep their shirts on?
"I'm not an expert, but I'd guess that for $15 a month you can find better offers on the internet, virtual or otherwise."

ROFL - that was classic! :)
FYI, the US does have proper nipples.

Regarding player characters, some of the armor is a little revealing, but in general it's pretty minimally so. It looks generally fairly substantial and, dare I say, almost believable in a lot of cases. The skirts are a bit on the short side, though.

The armor is at least modeled - instead of just a texture applied to the chest ala WoW - so instead of form-fitting mail you have uniboob. It would make more sense to me if the female characters actually bound their breasts under the armor, but they don't, so you do have "heaving bosoms" even within the armor. You can acheive a more realistic look by putting the chest size slider all the way to 0 (though that's still at least a B cup - seems to range from B - EE or something ridiculous).

I generally agree with others - the game is definitely a bit tamer than I'd like for having a mature rating. The blood and fatalities are superb, but there aren't nearly as many "adult themes" in the quests or dialogue as I would have expected. It's all innuendo.
With the female's creation screen having a 'breast-size slider', I can only assume the male creation screen has something similar. So if you want to play a male toon you can choose from anywhere between Little Jimmy and John Holmes, with appropriately sized codpieces, yes? No?

But you can at least vary the male toon's body shape from something between Bruce Lee and Arnie, right?
Hahahah, I knew there was a reason you started playing this game, Tobold. ;)

All seriousness aside, the boobie size slider is a bit disappointing. I tried to make a svelte, fit female character. Even at the lowest setting, she looks like a career stripper. Ah, well...
Just curious, but can male characters then run around with their schlong out?
Tobold, I've been reading your posts for a while and this is the absolutely first time I've noticed typos: "I'll won't post screenshots" and "are move covered". Two in one! I'm shocked! I can only assume the lurid topic has reduced your copy editing skills. :)
It is possible to create pudgy characters, both male and female. The males still look muscular since the textures include the outlines of muscles, but the actual shape can be downright portly when clothed.

The game has pretty extensive appearance sliders. The fact that you can't go down to an "A" cup is actually a bit anomalous in light of the other customization options.

And, no, you can't adjust the size of your e-peen at character creation.
"With the female's creation screen having a 'breast-size slider', I can only assume the male creation screen has something similar. So if you want to play a male toon you can choose from anywhere between Little Jimmy and John Holmes, with appropriately sized codpieces, yes? No?"

No, AoC "nudity" is of the topless variety only. In other words, both male and female characters can be topless. Reproductive organs are not shown in any capacity.

I find it curious that people associate breasts with genitals when they have little to do with each other. Must be a cultural thing...
In the USA for some an R-Rated film based on our criteria..
A womans breasts may be shown...a brief glimpse of pubic hair as well may be shown...
For is pretty much a no go...
Even though some films find ways around that..
For example in Borat you saw "snapshots" of genitalia or the male section...i.e:...schlong? but none of the characters parts were totally seen very well...only briefly...
So...that old double standard exists largely here..Women are are rulers...argh!

So...we were allowed the "pink" nipples in the USA...
Yet...I have been playing since EA, and the only nipples I saw were when my wife created her character and then immediately stripped to admire them.....

And then proceeded to decapitate men with great aplomb...(shivers)
Funcom announced more servers being opened for Age of Conan.

It's a hit, which makes two of my 2008 predictions on the button.

I did receive a quest today from a topless NPC. I didn't even notice at first to be honest. I know this will sound cheesy cliched, but when I wasn't looking at the quest text, I was looking at her face. It took me a moment to realize, oh hey.

Nudity is a bit more blatant in the collector's edition art book.
Due to the demand the game puts on a 'not top of the spec' PC I have noticed many times character models loading but their armor/clothing dropping in later.

I was a little shocked initially to find the first quest giver tied up and stark naked! Her armor loading a good few seconds later.

In the Thirsty Dog Inn on Dagon yesterday I was greeted by a group of 6 naked females jumping in and out of my conversation with Alyssa.
Personally, I think it's very much up to yourself. for me, at least, a deep cut tunic can look more sensual than a completely naked breast, simply becasue it leaves more to the imagination. And there is nothign quite as dirty as the human mind.

Except a pit of tar. A pit of tar is indeed exceedingly dirty.
It is marketed through Walmart. More then the M rating and they would pull it from the shelves. Blame US marketing for dumbing down the content.
HAHAHA thats EXACTLY what I typed to get here. Just interested, is all.
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