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Friday, May 23, 2008
Warhammer beta

I am explicitely allowed to tell you that there is a Warhammer beta, and that I'm in that beta since today. Everything else is confidential, so you won't hear anything but publicly available information from me until the NDA drops. I'd say "Woot!", but I'm not sure if that is covered. :)
Some questions that hopefully don't violate the NDA:

1. Is this an MMORPG with characters?

2. Does it involve fighting in some way?

Hopefully will get answers back quickly, it they are allowed. :)
Congrats, Tobold!

That's fantastic news!
Grats. I don't give a damn about NDAs, so I will just let you know that other beta players are absolutely blown away by the new beta phase. Mythic has really improved the game for the new, large wave of beta testers such as yourself. I am not in beta BTW.

Maybe that will mean the NDA will drop, but who knows. I can't see Mythic keeping this large new wave of players quiet.
If you want to read early impressions about MMO betas - has forums where people talk about WAR and other MMO's in beta. There are hundreds of beta players posting on their.
If you want publicly available information on look and gameplay of Warhammer Online, you could check out the Gamespot WAR videos.
If the beta doesn't drop, it can only mean trouble. The WAR folks have said that themselves, hopefully they stick to it.
Not trying to cause trouble, but isn't even announcing you've been invited and are in the Beta violate the NDA? It's been like that in every one I've participated in.

Since you're high profile, you might want to check fully since this could get you kicked out just as quick as you got in.
It says at the beginning of the blog post "I'm explicitly allowed to say that there is a beta, and that I am in the beta since today."
The fact that he said he is explicitly allowed to say he is in the beta suggests that he is allowed to say he is in the beta.
NDA's aren't all the same folks, each game has their own. For WAR it is not against the NDA to say that "yes the beta is occurring" and "yes I am in the beta". Just an FYI
You got into beta right as you were beginning to talk more about age of conan )
Sending out waves of beta invites the week of a rivals release. And we all thought Blizzard was crafty.

I did not get in, at least yet, however. :(
And possibly, while Blizzard are ignoring Tobold's request to get a Press Pass for their latest extravaganza, it's entirely possible the folks behind WAR made sure Tobold got a Beta key, and told him he was allowed to tell us he was in it. Or he could have just scored a beta key like the rest of us mere mortals.
Congratulations, I'm sure WAR will be a better game if they listen carefully to feedback from saavy players like yourself.

I've really enjoyed reading your blog. I don't always agree, but your take on various MMORPG issues always gives me something to think about.

Keep it up and have fun in the beta.
Well...I am quite impressed with their timing...impeccable
My My..

I went to go look at the videos on the Gamespot site...
But, they mixed them up, and I kept seeing videos of WoW playing...
I hope they fix that soon...
Have a look at for videos instead then.

- Stargazer
Not really into mmos, but really digging Tobold's blog
So are you throwing Age of Conan in the trash, or are you going to give it a legitimate chance )
man, i hope WAR is much better than WOW. it's time i'm moving away from WOW and finding a new games after many of my friends lost their account recently. when i said a lot, i mean massive list of friends. there goes my raiding gang. not going to QQ with Blizzard, just need to find better game. Less QQ more pewpew.
i was in he warhammer beta a while ago and it was awful. i wrote a long review of why, and got kicked out : /

it they changed enought to make it worth playing i'd be happy to try it again; but based on what i played, it was pretty painful.
Congratulations Tobold !

Hopefully you will be a part of making the game better for the rest of us :D.
Thanks...went to and they also had the same issue..

Every WAR video I went to look at had been replaced by WoW videos..
At least I think it was WoW...

Looked like WoW to me.

I see what you did there, you're such a silly goose. Let me guess your first mmo was WOW. Folks you heard it here first, the first mmo on the market was WOW, and thus everything looks like WOW. *Tear

Go look at DAOC and see who 'copied' who, it's an endless chain right up to P+P.
You would be incorrect in assuming my first game was WoW actually
EQ, Guild Wars...I even refused to touch WoW due to the visual quality.

As to the trailers...sorry...I was trying to get across that "graphically" EVERY video looked like WoW...not a NEW game by Mythic, and of course since WoW copied Games Workshops style...all we are seeing in WAR is what WoW already sold us visually..
So, we will have a visual "WoW" clone with DAoC style RvR thrown in...with one minor questing..
I do not feel compelled to enter that "visual" world anymore after my time having played WoW..
I am looking for the genre to change it up a little visually as well as gameplay wise...some innovation...and each step where a game changes at least SOMETHING is an innovation in my book..
WAR does not look or feel like any changes have been done..

I dont want to cause *beep* on this forum or any other. Congrats on getting into Beta. I too got my invite and that makes me very happy. That being said, let me SHARE a little known fact...

Warhammer looks like WOW. YES!
Warhammer took/borrowed/purchased/improved WOW's interface? No, no, NO!

Reality... Blizzard bought the rights to use the enginne from pre-Mythic/EA. Yes you heard it right here... Blizzard bout the rights to use the engine for WOW. They did not even make effort to make it better/nicer or anything like that.

*I do not work for Blizzard or Mythic* You can try to find information on this, but chances are you won't! You can either take my word for it or you can *pffft* it off. Thats your perogative.
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