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Saturday, June 21, 2008
Beyond orcs and elves

While the first tier of triple-A 3D MMORPGs is somewhat dominated by fantasy games, the variety is much bigger with browser games and other free-to-play games. A reader alerted me to Football Manager Live, which is a massively multiplayer online football manager game from SEGA, currently in beta. I'm not in the beta yet, so I can't say how good the game is, but I looked at various blogs covering the game, like FMLMod and Zutcorp FC, and the game appears to be quite interesting. Normal football manager games are often a bit boring, because they are designed to let you win in the long run. In FML you play against other players, and they are as eager to win as you are, and you need luck and the better strategy to win. Might be worth checking out once the game goes live.
I have played Football Manager since the amiga, I love the game, When I heard they (Sports Interactive) were going to make an MMO I was interested, but It hasn't impressed me, Football Manager has had multiplayer for many years now, The problem was finding people to play with as it was a network ip deal (i.e. you need to know someone to play with), maybe they are just jumping on the mmo wagon and for the returns of an MMO financially I cannot blame them.

Honestly - I haven't looked that much into the game so I cannot write it off as a waste, however from what I hear its not anything special(i'll be happy to be proved wrong), why would I pay monthly for a game I can pay once and enjoy more?, I really hope they do not just drop their non-mmo version in the future.

Something I was impressed with was the Football Superstars MMO (by cybersports and Monumental Games I believe), all I have seen is the screenshots, features list and a few vids, I am hoping for a beta invite like many others.
Actually, I've been having a great time this week playing OOTP9 (baseball) which is a former Sports Interactive game. And they've had the ability to form online leagues for quite a few years now. It's just that they've never had the player base to make it all that popular. And as an owner of previous version(s) of the game, my upgrade was like ?$20? for the latest year, so it's reasonably cheap, too.

I wonder if a football management game could ever take off? I sorta think it's a little too pedestrian for your typical "pew, pew" type player who'd rather play a FPS or RTS type game.
I had a look at this at the LIVE event earlier in the year.

Am still waiting for an invite to beta too.

Hope to have more news soon. Are you a football fan Tobold?
I was a football fan since childhood. I was training hadball pro but now i play mostly in mateur football leagues and train with friends when i have the time, and I am definitely into MMORPG and love them.

Being that I always wished for a good MMO football manager or a good MMO footbal game, but its really hard to make, and if the tactic calculations are off which I think would be a suprise if they are not for a SEGA game this would be really interesting and thnank you Tobold for keeping an eye on such a title.

It would be insanly great to be able to try out as a manager for some virtual team but the engine has to be done wisely and really make the game as real as it can be. Without that it will be a fail.

People interested in being football managers want the game as real as it gets. If its an MMO arcade it is goin to suck donkey balls, and I am afraid it is going to be just like that. The only good football manager is the Championship one which changed its name recently to Football manager, and such a game as a MMO would be a hit for sure, but I am pretty positive its not goint to be like that at all.
My friends were addicted to the online football manager game Hattrick for a while, but untill your post I never actually thought of it as an MMO.
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