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Friday, June 20, 2008
Blog map

Michael Zenke from Massively has posted a blog map with a recent article, showing the MMO part of the Blogipelago.

It's funny, and I'm in a prominent position at the northern tip. It would be even better if the various blogs on the map would be clickable, which would be way cooler than a blogroll. It isn't a complete fit of the list of blogs I read regularly, but a good overlap. So if you don't already know all the blogs on that map, it might be worth googling for them and checking them out. Enjoy!
Hmmm you could make an image map out of it quite easily. Would be a bit of a pain to update links when people switch from blogger to wordpress and things like that.

Pretty depressing not to see your own blog on there... but then again I've neber been one to advertise hehe.
You may already have seen this, however there's a map of the internet based on the Japanese train network.

What I didn't grasp at first, and makes it even more amazing, is that some of the stations have been deliberately used to reflect certain websites: "Facebook has moved to Nippori because, from a broader perspective, Nippori is boring. But it’s still an important station (Nippori is a hub for Narita, Tokyo’s international airport)."

You can even buy a download of an A0 poster size!
Why is AFK Gamer on there? He's been in hibernation since early April.
Why is AFK Gamer on there? He's been in hibernation since early April.

Maybe he won a price for "most appropriately named blog" for being inactive? As I said, my personal blog roll is somewhat different.
Look out, I'm invading from the south. Fair warning!
It's noticeably missing some of my favorite blogs, so it's pretty incomplete for my blogroll. I regularly read Common Sense Gamer, Hardcore Casual and and they weren't on the list.
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