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Sunday, June 08, 2008
Open Sunday Thread

Time again for the open thread on Sundays: The place to discuss whatever you like, and to suggest subjects for me to write about.
Has anyone produced a MUD that replicates WoW (say the Elwynn Forest/Westfall/DM areas)?

To me, nearly everything could be translated to a standard diku MUD.
I have never quite understood MUDs. They are just too confusing, they're like bad books. They rely on imagination, just like books, but the quality of the literature is so much worse. Any MUD out there that is actually excellently written?
So in MMORPG's, if people are tired of the ol' "Tank + Healers + DPS", what would be a good alternative?
Anything new on the horizon for someone who likes high fantasy MMOs with a complex economy and crafting system?
I like LotRO's class distribution, where there is a primary buff class, primary debuff class, and primary CC class. Giving people more playing options is a good thing!
What do you most want to NOT see in games/expansions coming out this year (eg. warhammer, wrath of the lich king, moria, etc)
your comment on "LotRO-style achievements coming to Wrath?" ?
I thought this thread was sort of interesting on mmorpg.

Funcom deals coup-de-grace to MMORPG's

The title is a bit extreme, but it's a nice thought ;).
In the past you have stated that you don't mind other folks quoting your blog as long as they point the way back. What do you think of what these guys are using you for?
What do you think of what these guys are using you for?

Can't say I'm happy, but they aren't the only ones. There are several gold-selling sites that disguise as blogs and simply steal their content by copy & paste from real blogs. Nothing I can do about it, it would be hard to copyright blog content, and even harder to enforce that against some probably Chinese company.
Speaking of a 'complex economy and crafting system', does anyone know how that part of PotBS worked out? I played the game in early days, but never really did the economic side of it. It seemed like they were being relatively aggressive in pushing the envelope on player crafting...
I was just reading the previews of Fallout 3 over at Gamespot. It looks pretty good. I'll probably buy it.
Speaking of wow expansion...

Spell-damage only gear removed in WotLK
The latest issue of PCGamer in the UK had a WotlK preview article, most of the stuff here was already known but there was also a small Q&A with Tom Chilton (Kalgan) and a very interesting question answered. Thanks to Matt for the info.
Quote from: KalganPC Gamer: What else is changing?
Tom Chilton (Kalgan) : We’re also going to be doing away with spell-damage only type gear. We’ll be moving to a system that, as part of your talents, will let players convert healing into spell-damage and vice-versa as part of their talents. That way they can use the exact same gear, but their talents just adapt what it does.”

It's not Sunday any more, but I still had something I've been mulling and figured I'd throw it up here. On my current server (Doomhammer, US-PVE) we've always had a fairly healthy raiding community. On the Alliance side we've had Drow and on the Horde side we've had Juggernaut who are normally both extremely highly rated guilds in the US on both sides. After that, we've had a number of guilds who aren't bleeding edge but normally complete content well in advance of new content being put into the game.

This weekend, Juggernaut announced they were folding up shop and all of them rerolling on Mal'Ganis (US-PVP) because they are finding that there is nearly no recruiting pool across all the PVE servers. They've killed everything in Sunwell other than Kil'Jaeden and they decided it was worth their time to not kill him and to instead start over at level 1 on this new server (Blizzard does not allow PVE to PVP transfers) because of this.

My own guild has had massive issues recruiting for Sunwell while we're losing people pretty quickly. It's similar to the Naxx fallout when TBC details were being announced, but it feels different. It wasn't until I spoke with a friend of mine who plays quite a bit but is in a fairly casual guild that I felt like I finally got my finger on the pulse.

My friend let me know that he currently has no available upgrades outside of items available from the last few bosses in Black Temple or in Sunwell. His guild does ZA, and that gear mixed with badge gear is what he currently uses. It's interesting to me that raiders (or "hardcore" as most raiders have been previously labelled) seem to be drying up as new, easier routes to gear upgrades have been put in place.

You don't hear the casual vs. hardcore arguments any more. The casual side of that argument won. Daily quests. Badge rewards. Arena gear. Easy alternatives to the time/gold/effort that raiding takes. So people continue to talk about raiding as the end game, but there seems to be a very visible shift that nobody is talking about. There are less people raiding and more importantly there are less people HOPING to raid.

Now with the announcement that all raiding instances in WotLK will be able to be visited by smaller groups for different rewards, I predict that raiding as we currently know it will die completely. Currently the only reasons to raid are to see the content and to have a feeling of accomplishment for beating the content. Gear is no longer a tangible reward. As of the expansion, seeing the content will not be a tangible reward which will leave raiders with the very arbitrary feeling of accomplishment. To me, that spells doom.
quote:"sumdumguy said...
So in MMORPG's, if people are tired of the ol' "Tank + Healers + DPS", what would be a good alternative?"

I am very tired of this, I feel this method has been used to death, Its good and works in many situations but now it seems expected, I expect Age of Conan to nerf and change its classes to be categorised as "Tank + Healers + DPS" because its an easy get out method from all the troubles of trying something different, I was hoping classes in this game would be free.

I feel healing should be a secondary feature/ability and even a healer class should be able to fight as its primary use, e.g. Lord of the Rings(film) I didnt see any people standing behind the figthers casting magic spells, making them feel good and refreshed.

also in real life is a combat medic's primary role just to heal? no, they are a fighting class with healing abilities.

the whole premise of hate/aggro score to make a mob attack you is just bad(might be too strong of a statement but forgive me its nearly 5am), I feel the dps cause by a character should get aggro focus, so dmg = aggro. simple as that.

I would like to see a system where everyone in the group is a fighter, all equal in the tanking and dps but some have secondary abilities to heal group members, thats what i was hoping for with Age of Conan but it doesnt seem to be going that way, but putting classes into the normal tanking, healing, dps roles the mmorpg world is so fond off.
So in MMORPG's, if people are tired of the ol' "Tank + Healers + DPS", what would be a good alternative?

More options for things to do. (Guild wars seems like it does this the best, where conditions, interruption, hexes, etc. add a lot of things that characters can do besides tank, nuke, heal.)

Stuff like body blocking, terrain, or slowing to change how tanking is done (so rather than using aggro, or just using aggro, players might instead/also use movement and speed effects to fight enemies.)

I have noticed that it is hard (at least for me) to think outside tank/nuke/heal. (I tend ot come up with and write down computer game ideas, both changes and new games, for fun, and in a couple of MMO ones I'm thinking up it has been difficult to think up something completely different from the tank/nuke/heal system, though I have though up some oddities)
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