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Thursday, June 26, 2008
Where I'll be this weekend

I found this map from WoWInsider funny:

Damn, sometimes I wonder if I'm the only person in Europe not going to Paris this weekend.

Have fun there Tobold, and exploit your press pass to the fullest!
Wtb, bigger map blowup when I click on it. Paying 15g, pst ;-)
Fixed. You can send me the 15 gold, Wolfgang. :)
nice :) I likes it
Damnit, will probably be lot of fun, I envy you.

Hopefully WoW Insider will do real-time updated news posts like they did at last Blizcon. I will be sitting back home, pressing f5 and drinking tap water. Oh the joy.
That map would be more helpful if it at least showed the location of quest givers and instance entrances. I've heard the dailies in that zone are pretty fun.
Does this zone have a good flight path location, or do you have to fly into another zone?
Will the big announcement be Sat or Sun?
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