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Sunday, June 29, 2008
WWI 2008 goodie bag

As somebody asked what was in the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational goodie bag, I'll tell you:And all that came in a nice black WWI 2008 backpack. I'm pretty happy with the mix, although I'm still dying to know what the pet will be. And I hope Blizzard fixes the problem of the codes for the unnamed beta not working (the code of my wife didn't work either).
I'm here in Paris from Italy....
As we (me and my friends) don't have wow to play.... we are trying to know what the pet is....

Yesterday evening we browsed and googled a lot to find more infos but seems that the pet is a real mistery.....

And we are dying too to know ^_^
Thanks :) I guess I should start signing my comments.
Haha most of those "goodies," are useless but I would take the free cards...
I just posted an article on mage pvp on my blog if you are interested at World of warcraft blog
With all the goodies in the bag, there was paper with a quest. Was recognizable by a big yellow question mark and was talling to go talk with someone inside the WWI08.

Now, I saw who to talk to.... but the queue was a bit long so desisted and abbandoned the quest.

Some one knows what was there? any extra goodies?

Jack-o-lantern: you could have drawn a token form a sack and depending on color you could have won a book from that stand. That was all :)
Thanks for telling me about the quest reward ^_^
Any news on the beta key not working?

Went there with a friend, and we both had the "beta code does not exist" too.
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