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Thursday, July 24, 2008
Wakfu combines MMORPG and Anime

There is a flash-based MMO produced in France called Dofus, which in spite of its limited graphics has quite some success. So the makers, Ankama Games, started to produce an improved version called Wakfu, currently in closed beta. And this time they are using their game world to not only make an MMO, but also an Anime cartoon tie-in. This trailer is showing bits of both.

I did like the strategic turn-based combat of Dofus, but found the game overall to be a bit too grindy. It is surprising how Korean a game made in France can feel. :)
That was pretty kick-ass :) I'm a sucker for anime tie-ins though. .hack got a lot more mileage outta me than maybe it should have.
lol, here's hoping wakfu is less grindy and doesn't sucker you with a free game only to tell you you have to pay after you leave the newbie area.
KK..this is off topic, but I downloaded a trial of CoH yesterday and it's not a bad game. I did a little search for your impression of the game, Tobold, but other than oblique references, it doesn't look like you've every commented on it..

So have you given it a shot, and if so, what did you think?
Seems my blog is hard to search. :) Here is my City of Heroes Review.
I liked the trailer, but I gotta say, the game looks like it'd be more fun as a single-player on the DS rather than an MMO on the PC.

2004, though...hrm. Has the game changed much? I resisted even doing the trial until I basically ran out of MMO options. The fact that the person who recommended it to me spends most of his game time creating new characters put me off a bit.

Eve Online gave me 4 or 5 good months...perhaps CoH can do the same.
Matt Graham: Funny thing you should say that... There's a single player tactical RPG version of Wakfu coming for Nintendo DS. Or did you know already? :p
2004, though...hrm. Has the game changed much?

City of Heroes/Villains have had many changes since 2004, which was the year it was released. The villains part did not even exist then, since it was released in 2005.
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