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Tuesday, July 22, 2008
WotLK beta update

Just a short update to let you know that I got a beta key now. I just need to wait until the European WotLK beta download page is up, it is currently just showing a 403 error message. The US beta is apparently already up and running.

Somebody asked why I would want to play the beta and risk spoiling Wrath of the Lich King for me when it comes out. I've come up with a plan to prevent that: I've decided that when WotLK is released, my priority will be leveling up first my priest, and then either the mage or the warrior to 80, depending on what classes are most in demand for groups. I don't think I'll want to play a deathknight in the release version of WotLK. So the plan is to play the deathknight in the beta. Then either I find out that I like that class more than I thought, or in the worst case scenario, I find out I don't like deathknights, and already have it crossed of my list of things to do. I won't do questing in Northrend in the beta, so the content will remain fresh for me for the real release. I might just take a tour and have a look around the various zones, to help me with orientation later.

Of course I also want to look at the new profession: inscription, and check how it works. So my beta deathknight will be a herbalist / inscriber (apparently you need herbs for that skill). That will help me decide whether I want to unlearn any of my existing tradeskills of my level 70 characters (for example the enchanting of the mage, who doesn't have many recipes) in the release version. And it also helps to already find out what resources I'd need if I wanted to skill up inscription quickly. I did that for Burning Crusade, and already had all the gems needed to get jewelcrafting to 300 before the expansion even came out. Very useful, because after release you can't get the rarer stuff on the auction house any more for a while.
Tobold - they have just announced the long wanted ability for enchanters to create scrolls of enchantment and thus sell enchants on the AH or provide enchants to your alts....maybe don't get rid of that enchanter just yet! This news has made my day :)
First question :)
Does your new Deathknight have to go to the Lvl1 areas to get peacebloom and the like or is your Inscriptionskill on a higher level from the start?
I've been wondering about this for some time now..
Very lucky, been waiting on mine for a while and still not got a key. That said I'm now curious whether I want one or not...when I was gearing up for the Burning Crusade release I got waylaid by the Vanguard Beta and ended up missing the whole thing. I'd rather not miss out on getting my Paladin to 70 in time for WotLK because I got waylaid by the beta. :-)
Sofar the vibe from beta is mostly on the positive side, which i guess is pretty amazing considering how jaded the a large part of the player base is and how little real change is offered. Still, i like the small gfx upgrade (shadows, if my machine can handle it...) and of course the DK. My main character now is a mage, which seems to have gotten the most lacklustre set of additional talents of all. Well, at least it is an herbalist, so i can stock up on those in advance.
Grats on getting your beta key. I'm still waiting on mine from my Blizzcon07 code.

I like your idea of avoiding Northrend, and focusing on playing the DK with Inscription. My only advice is to transfer over a bank toon loaded with herbs, so your DK doesn't have to spend the time harvesting low-level herbs before starting Inscription.
While it might be really interesting, I decided for me to not take part in the beta. Don't want to spoil all the new stuff for me :)
Gitr is still waiting for his... hey Blizz. I want in. I'm all signed up and waiting.
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