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Monday, July 21, 2008
Wrath of the Lich King beta started

So the Wrath of the Lich King beta started, making it likely that the expansion will come out before christmas. If you haven't "opted in" to the beta yet, you should do that on your World of Warcraft account page. Log in your account as normal, scroll down to the last option, and there should be the WotLK beta opt-in, which is free. Then you still need to wait for an e-mail to invite you. I haven't got one yet.

What I did get was a FAKE WotLK beta invite, but I didn't fall for it, as it lead to a site with a .tk domain. Be very, very careful of those. They lead you to a fake account login screen, and when you enter your userID and password there, you'll find all your characters stripped naked the next day, if not deleted. Do not enter your userID and password on any site which isn't https, for a safe connection, and is, or

I haven't entered my WWI code for "one future Blizzard beta" yet, because when I got it the codes weren't working yet. But even with the code one doesn't necessarily get WotLK beta access. What I *could* enter now that patch 2.4.3 is out is my code for the Tyrael pet, so now my priest has a somewhat chubby angel floating behind him. Cute!
Don't really understand why people would want in on this beta. Won't that spoil all the fun, as you have already seen most of it, once it comes out ?
I've asked myself the very same question.

I've been on both previous betas. I did WoW beta and Burning Crusade beta.
Since beginning I decided I was going to play as Horde. So, with both betas I played as Alliance and only first levels. So I played spoiling areas and quest that I wasn't going to see at release.

This new expansion doesn't add new starting areas or zones specific to a faction. So I really fear to spoil too much.
Same here. I try to avoid all knowledge, reports, hints, guides, database minings with regards to WotLK since the last 1-2 months now. Basically, I need to avoid all WOW related websites until the expansion has been released. And as I don't want to play right away after launch, I basically need to be blind & deaf in all matters regarding WotLK.

My same approach will be for LOTRO: Mines of Moria. I will buy & install the expansion but won't go into the expansion areas for maybe 1 month or so until everything has cooled down. These are my learnings from TBC.

I don't mind my guildmates leveling ahead of me and screaming for other guild mates to level up so they can enter Naxxramas or other 10/25 mans. These dungeons will become stale soon enough...

By the way, Tobold, did you ever try to reactivate your LOTRO account? In case you have a founder/lifetime membership, you should try to run that MMO again. There are so many improvements to the game, hard to name them all. I have no problems with a "leveling hole" at all. The quests are nice, especially together with a guildmate or a friend / wife.
If people can just opt in to the Wrath beta that easily, it seems more likely that your beta key is (or is supposed to be) for starcraft 2.
I love wow and have been playing for years. However, this new wotlk expansion does not interest me in the least. The deathknight persona does not suit me (my main is a Paladin), level caps and new zones are mere re-iterations of old content. Instead of leve 7 bears, you fight a level 75 "Grizzled" bear. The whole new continent looks like Dun Mohr in spring.

My plan is to not only avoid the beta, but to quit playing before the expansion changes everything at release!
Im not in beta because would have a too large spoiler quotient for me. I dont avoid the feedback from beta testers though. It may help me in deciding which mmo (if one at all) i will play end of this year, wow or war.

Sofar I like the new information on the DK; it makes me want to play one now. On the other hand, the information the mage class (my only 70 toon...yep, i play casually) is very, very disappointing. I dont think i will level that character to 80 and since i really only have time for 1character, it will be a DK.

But then again, maybe war will be able actually deliver on all the promises (the latest information looks promising)...
tk domain
Lots of raid guilds like to go in early to learn the encounters in a test environment. Obviously anyone who writes addons or runs an informational site would want to have that information ready.

I am much more excited about this than about TBC, TBC basically screwed all the lore and books and turned a fantasy game into some sci-fi fantasy bastard. Hopefully WOTLK will go back to it's roots. Even though everyone being a deathknight doesn't scream respect for the lore very much, it's something that's fine if it's fun for people, as long as the environment, quests, npcs, are all done well.

The scourge has lots of potential and there's plenty of great stories. I'm thinking of how many of the long quest chains with interesting stories were in the plaguelands, and hope they continue that in WOTLK.
Tobold, the Moderator of Bliz in the beta forums asked us now to enter our WWI beta keys on the page stated as they are indeed for WolK.
What is this WoW that you speak of?

(...but seriously, if you're still into it, congrats. Hopefully, the new expansion will cure all ills.)

Personally, I'm still suffering burnout, and don't plan on coming back just for an expansion that's pretty much more of the same.
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