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Tuesday, August 19, 2008
WAR Preview Weekend

Recently Mark Jacobs announced that Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning would have a Preview Weekend before the open beta.
"Regarding the pre-order, Collector’s Edition and the Standard Edition, I’m pleased to announce that we will be holding a special “Preview Weekend” in addition to the normal Open Beta. Those people who pre-ordered the CE will be given priority entrance into the PW. You will need to download the client (of course) from one of several download options, none of which will require any additional payment of any kind. Once the CE buyers have had their chance to register and download the client, we will allow our Closed Beta testers into the PW as well. We would like to have around 100K people load testing and playing the game so depending on how many CE purchasers sign up for this, we will invite other people into the PW as well."
Today I got a mail from Mythic saying:
"It is our pleasure to invite you to the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Preview Weekend taking place this Friday, August 22nd thru Monday, August 25th. Join thousands of your fellow players and experience the Age of Reckoning for the first time as you adventure through two tiers of content across three campaigns.

This is an invite-only event, so don't delay in preparing for WAR and be one of the first to engage in the thrill and glory of RvR combat before the rest of the world!"
I do have a Collector's Edition preordered, but it is a European CE, and last time I checked the European WAR account site where I should enter my preorder code isn't even up yet. The only reason I got this invite was because I'm also in the US WAR press beta. So I'm not quite sure who all exaxtly got this invitation. US only? Everyone who already entered their CE code? Every beta sign-up?

Anyway, apparently there is a way to enter your pre-order code at Fileplanet:
"Pre-Order Customers

- Download the open beta client from ( You will be required to create a free FilePlanet account and input your open beta pre-order code to access the file.
- In addition we also provide the client via bit torrent as an alternative means to download. You will find the link to the Torrent file here:"
I just don't know if that works if you have a pre-order code, but didn't get that e-mail inviting you to the preview weekend. Good news (again) is that closed beta participants don't need to download the preview client at all, they can just patch their closed beta to the appropriate version.
As far as i understand it all the info about the open beta and preview weekends only relate to certain areas, Europe not being one of them...

quote: This information is valid only for North America, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.

I have my collectors edition pre-order. Haven't made it into the Closed beta (and likely wont now) and have not yet had the preview invite.

I really hope Yahoo mail isn't screwing me over or somesuch.
I take it back. After a peek at Warhammer Alliance (via the Book of Grudges) I got the suggestion to check my Mythic Master account.

Preview weekend \o/
I have the European CE Pre-Order, got the little box with all the codes. I have not received any mail from them, nor can I find anywhere on the European site to enter any of the codes. Anyone have any pointers ?
same here healbot. I got the small CE preorder packet containing one sheet of paper with 3 codes. These can still not be used on the european site though. Guess we will have to wait for goa to get things started..
Hey T.

I got the same invite, though not sure why either... it was sent to my e-mail address and not my wife's which means it may have something to do with being in the US beta. In fact, I'd expect that's why.

Either way, I hope the servers don't come down until Thursday if at all, because I've got too much work to do! :)
I didn't get the CE (just pre-order) but I got the email inviting me today to preview weekend (so happy). I only hope I can get the download going, I had it running all last night trying to pick up the files and I don't think it started as of this morning yet.
Anyone know when the Invite will start on friday? Midnight? 10am? 3 in the afternoon? E.S.T. or P.S.T.? Friday to Monday is all I can find no times for start or End.
There is a torrent link somewhere WILD so if you are tired of waiting for the other to start get the torrent going. (stumbled across the link so can't tell you where it is). And I am a CE holder so my DL is already complete and Im just waiting on friday(yay)!!
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