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Thursday, September 11, 2008
Better Mobs and Pitchforks!

Or what Mark Jacobs has to say on Toboldgate.
Sorry that is on of the funniest posts I've read in years!

Tobold, as a long time reader your consistency and honesty have never been in question.

But you truly are an internet MMO star (even if you dont like it) when you can cause such an out cry for something so trivial!
Damn mob, using that ACME tar. Don't they know where that stuff comes from? I only use fair-trade tar and organic free-range feathers.
War can't lose... free account, release the fact, media/public uproar, blog on it whilst EU Beta fails and divert attention...

No news is bad news... ya all suckers to the media machine!

You might fool 90% of the suckers.
Sadly, this "uproar" once again reminds us all that most people browsing gaming-related sites are extremely naive...or what I like to call "World-Dumb". The only other excuse is flat-out jealousy by people who struggle to pay the $15/mth.

It's surprising that you pay for any MMO.

It really reinforces the vision of gamers as kids in the basement hissing at the light!
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