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Friday, September 05, 2008
Currently installing: Spore

On my way home I picked up Spore in a local shop. Of course local in Belgium means that I have the choice between a French and a Dutch version. But on installing the game I get a wide selection of languages, and can install Spore in English. Kudos to EA for not being too narrow-minded with their localized versions!

So with the GOA account site still down, I'll play Spore this weekend and tell you what I think of it next week.
Interesting. EA Store says it's available on Sept 7th, so maybe that's when it officially releases here in the US?
SPORE had a few.. shifting release dates.

The first release date was meant to be September the 1st, IIRC, In Australia - which got moved to the fourth (same as EU).

Australia officialy still released on the fourth, but many shops got it before and so SPORE was released on the 2nd in most stores there.

EU got it on the fourth.

US release is the 7th, so yes, your correct - US is the 7th.
I had the option of installing in english and did. But when I started playing it was in danish...sigh...

cant find where to change it either.
Yeah, its not available in the U.S. until September 7. Strange that a game with a U.S. publisher is releasing in Europe earlier.

I wish it had released last week, now I have to choose between Spore and WAR Open Beta. Grr.
A great idea behind this game, and the first sections are very fun to play. But from the tribes on, it is Civ but tuned down, and i can not see any inpact from the decisions made before, so i do not know why to play it again :(

It would be fantastic, if every evo-decision has impact..
They do, kind of, whether your economic minded, religious, military etc - which ultimately influences the "super" unique weapon your spacecraft has.

But yeah, some if it is a bit dumbed down but then again it is a bit of EA in there.
I played it most of Sunday. It's fun, but not earth-shatteringly different from a more in-depth game like Civ.

But hey, it was worth the $50. We'll have to see about the replay-ability of it. It does seem like once you play the 3 major choices - Carnivore, Herbivore, and Omnivore, that the only differences will be making your creature look different.
Very disappointing game, at least for me. It's too simplistic and shallow for the first 4 phases, and then crushes you under mircomanagement task for the space phase.

Anyway, looking forward to your review Tobold.
I'm not very impressed with the game either. I think the greatest part of the game is the ability to create your creature (with all the parts available), however they artificially limit that in the normal game if you don't buy the $10 creator...

As far as gameplay it was too simplistic in all the modes and I never had a feeling of any of my decisions or actions having any meaningful impact.

After playing for just one day I doubt I'll mess with it much more except to goof around with creating creatures.

Compared to the amount of enjoyment and months upon months of play with the original games like Sim City, or the overflowing content in SIM's, I just don't understand why Spore was released with so little depth.
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