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Tuesday, September 23, 2008
Got my WAR collector's edition

My Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning collector's edition just arrived, a huge box. There is a book with concept art, a WAR comic, the game, a mouse pad, and two metal Warhammer figurines. I went right to the game and entered the code, although with the CE preorder code one can still play a while before needing a code. But I wanted to see whether it works, and get the CE ingame items as well. Of course the only result of me entering the key was an e-mail telling me that the key wasn't valid. Checking the code under a magnifying glass revealed that one of the Z was actually a 2, but the code was typed in a font in which Z and 2 only differ by 1 pixel. Really, why can't people use fonts where every letter and number looks sufficiently different from the others? On the second try I got it right.

So now I'm good for at least 30 days. Only problem being that I can't find out for how long, nor can I actually subscribe to WAR in Europe. The GOA account site is only as far as absolutely necessary to enter codes. The "My licenses", "My current subscription", and "My billing information" buttons on the account page are still greyed out. First MMO company that *doesn't* want my credit card information even if I'm eager to give it to them.
A mouse pad and TWO figures? Well bonus for you guys, we only got one figure and no mouse pad.

Oh and it's a graphic novel, not a comic :)

The US account site (which you won't need since you are a sellout hype fanboy) also does not demand a credit card after you enter a code, although oddly enough does ask you to select a subscription length. (1, 3, 6 month)
> Really, why can't people use fonts where every letter and number looks sufficiently different from the others?

Or use registration key generators that prevent the characters 0125IOSZ appearing in keys.
Ach, annoying key generation. Good software definitely avoids ambiguous characters. There's a particular software package I'm aware of (wink) that uses a subset of 0-9 and A-Z. Characters that can create confusion are omitted, so there are no oh's or zero's, no one's or aye's, etc...

There are so many opportunities for low quality to slip into an application, it's difficult to kill even the small ones. But it does pay off.
I got mine too today. Btw,i thinks its 1 figurine Tobold, with 2 characters in it:) When i saw the multitude of little bits of metal completed with even smaller metal scrapings and splinters i decided it was best to keep that packet closed:) The books are of superb quality though, hardcover and glossy paper. The mousemat is too thin for my liking so i wont use that one.

And just like you after entering my code which was correct in 1 go (and that with an 8,B,0 and O :D ) i went looking for my account details. Seems GOA 'forgot' that part of the website..
Heh. In US WAR I had to enter my credit card information just to play my free month.
To be honest they have some time to get the credit card details and I hope they do it when they're sure the site will take it.

We have the initial grace period (1 week for SE, 2 weeks for CE), then the extra time if you were in open beta (1 week), then a free month's play for everyone.

I can live a good few weeks without it being up.
afaik the account payment part will open 1st november.
Think it was on the war-europe newspage somewhere.
Sorry can't link from work

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