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Thursday, September 11, 2008
Vanguard free trial

Vanguard just introduced the Isle of Dawn with Game Update #6. This is a separate newbie area with a level cap of 10. And SOE plans to offer a free trial of Vanguard using that Isle of Dawn. It's not up yet, but is expected soon. Nice try, but the timing could have been better. MMO players will be kind of busy with a new game and an expansion for an old game coming out before christmas.
As someone who has been waiting for a free trial since VG release, the timing really is amazingly poor, but then again, VG never really was about timing releases correctly...
The timing does suck but I think it's more of finally being ready, not planning. I played VG since open beta and have to say that if the game had been in this state when it was released it would be a top MMO, can't wait for people to see it!
I played VG in beta and tired again a few months ago when I was offered a free month. It still lacked - how can I put this? - oomph. The lore all seemed a bit generic, rather like it was written by a fantasy cliche generator.

So, whilst the Kojani human starter area was superb, the rest seemed rather lacking.

Zarkil - how do you think it's improved recently?
Zarkil said it right. Vangaurd is the hidden gem of MMO's. I picked up a copy of VG about a month ago during my WoW burn out phase. I know the game got bad reviews. It was only $20, so why not?

This game is so freakin amazing. I can really see that this was the vision of the game all along, and it got pushed to release way to early. It is so good I sometimes want to skip and just play VG in my undies while my sister sits on my lap.
How is the timing off?

The trial is not going to be vaporized by the release of any new title. It is simply a downloadable, small client for people to play.

Might they get less downloads during the run of WAR's hype? Sure. But it will still be there afterward. This isn't a release.

The game already has a growing base, and if anything, releasing the trial now is a great idea so that when those throngs of people get tired of WAR and wanna' try something else, the island would have been tested and used for at least a month or so.

WAR and the VG trial have nothing to do with each other. Also, it's not as though gamers don't ignore trials. They try everything! Don't you? lol

Take Syn's comment: he says "I have been waiting for this, but man it's timing is poor." So does he mean to say that once you can download it he won't go try it? Even if he IS playing WAR?

Of course he will.

No gamer with 3 gigs of hard drive space that wanted to try the game will refuse.

You should have seen the amount of traffic we got from AoC..every day there were tons of people saying "I heard abut VG, got tired of AoC.."
Actually you are correct, I likely won't try it. I had access to the Tabula Rasa beta, and never cared enough to even bother downloading the thing. Same with AoC.

VG I was interested in, and had heard good things. After my time in LoTRO, I would have loved a VG demo to try out. With it's history, I'm just not comfortable dropping any amount of money before I know for myself it's worth it.

But now, unless WAR fails to hold my attention, and based on beta and OB, it does, I likely won't bother with a huge VG demo download either.
Hang on, I said you WOULD try it..hehe..sorry if you misread.

And I don't get want to try the game, there's a brand new 2 and a half gig trial (about the same as all the others) and now you won't go try it?

Oh well, it's a great game. But it seems like you have a history of thinking something looks cool, then doing nothing about it! :)
Oh, forgot to add: it's a money involved. Anyway, the download will be available in about a week.
I bought a copy of VG on release day and was baffled at all the bugs. I didn't play past the free week.

Anyone here know if the bugs are fixed; is the game stable now?
anon.......I have been trying Vanguard for the past week or two out of curiosity and find it to be completely stable. It has some interesting ideas re crafting and diplomacy; interesting to a newbie anyway, they might get old quite quickly. The graphic requirements are fairly ludicrous and don't seem to be optimised........start at the lowest settings and increment upwards would be my advice.
Sven - It always seemed like the game was moving backwards with the devs having to cut things in order to fix them. Now the game is moving forward, it has polish, and the new starting area does a great job of teaching you about how to play the game (all three spheres). It's hard to believe how much the game advanced with the last patch until you see it.
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