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Thursday, October 23, 2008
Do you like embeded commenting?

Blogger took me by surprise by adding embedded commenting, and switching my blog to that option by default. What that means is that there is now a comment input form at the bottom of each single-post page. If you click on the permalink you now see that form which wasn't there before. If you click on "comment" from the main page, you now actually land on the permanent page for the post, and it looks to you as if I changed my commenting interface.

Have a look at it, test it out by commenting to this post, and tell me whether you like the new way of commenting. If not, fortunately there is an option to override the default and go back to the old system.

[EDIT: In response to problems with the sidebar pushing the commenting field too low on Firefox and Chrome browsers, I modernized my Archive listing into a dropdown menu, which makes the sidebar much shorter. Just a hotfix until Firefox / Chrome problems are resolved by Blogger.]
I prefer it -- never did like the blogger popup comment thingy. :D
I like it a lot, I have to say.
I like it a lot - mmhhhh i should check my option sand change my commenting to this system also when blogger haven't done it per default.
Like it too, but it would probably be a good idea to reduce the "archives" department to a few links (is it possible ?) so that the form doesn't get pushed two empty pages below the post.
Continued from previous : seems like a display issue with firefox. Using IE the form is much more intuitively displayed right after the other comments.
I prefer that way.
I like it.
Much better, although the form in low and very wide. Using chrome so maybe it's a browser thing.
I like it better this way, but I agree that the fact that Firefox and Chrome both display the entry form below the archives list instead of directly below the comments (as IE does) is not very nice. But still an improvement over the previous method IMO.
Interesting. I went to my blog and there the new system was not enabled by default, I had to enable it manually.

Furthermore due to the different blog layout I guess, my comment box show correctly below the article + other comments, and is not pushed down to the very end of the page. So I guess something in your layout is confusing FF/Chrome. Kinda odd but not really a major issue.
The old blogger comment interface was blocked from work, so for me the embedded commenting it's an improvement, nice change :)
So far so good
I like...A LOT!
(wow, wanted to be witty...and then gave up...ugh)
Yep. Glad Blogger added this new thing.
Seems much better to me!
I was completely confused by Blogger having a comment field where I would expect to find it. The person who dictated the whole "comment fields must be as detached as possible from the original post and site" must have left the company.

My name is Wilhelm2451 and I endorse this feature.
I likes it.
I like it. may increase commenting due to ease of use, which should prove helpful.
Prefer it.

Often when commenting I have to look back at the original post and embedded commenting makes this easier.

I don't like the Comment as drop down box though - it confuses me although selecting "google account" seems to work for me.
i can dig it
I like the new version too.
Probably better like this.
Yup, always preferred this style. My vote is keep it.
I like the old version (looks like you've reverted back to it now), less steps to use OpenID.
looks like you've reverted back to it now

No, I didn't. Bloody Blogger reverted to old style on its own. Now I went to the settings screen and changed it to the new form again.
I don't like the fact that it is very hard to see where a new comment begins. Is there a way to draw a horizontal line or something like that between the comments ?
I'm posting this comment in IE because the word verification image wouldn't display in Firefox. I tried temp. allowing all scripts for the page, and right-clicking to "show image", but no dice. Otherwise, I like the format. I didn't like the second window popping up, and I'm familiar with the posting format of Rock-Paper-Shotgun and TerraNova. The change is fine by me.
Wow, now commenting in Blogger blogs is nearly as convenient as commenting in any non-Blogger blog?!? Awesome!!

I never liked that Blogger thingy, it was annoying and breaking any design, and left me without the post itself while commenting (for quotes, or looking stuff up). Please, keep it !
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