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Wednesday, October 29, 2008
Puzzle Quest: Galactrix

A reader alerted me to the news that Infinite Interactive is working on a sequel to Puzzle Quest, called Puzzle Quest: Galactrix, for the PC, Xbox 360, and Nintendo DS. And it's looking good, combining a slightly different puzzle with an Sci-Fi RPG this time, not straying too far from the original formula. Now this is one game I'll certainly buy. Too bad this time there isn't a PSP version.
Yeah I saw that a few months back too. I'll certainly buy the PC version.
I'm really looking forward to the DS version. I played the original on the DS, and it was awesome to be able to play it pretty much anywhere. (Though the PC version will look better.) I'm definitely looking forward to this one.
I'll probably try it.

Any interest in playing Fallout 3, Tobold? I picked it up last night, and I like it a lot more than Oblivion.
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