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Friday, October 03, 2008
Ranking WAR guilds

There is a new guild ranking site up at Warheap, for US servers only, because Europe doesn't have a realm war website. So I went and checked out my US guild, Casualties of War, and found them way down at spot 51 of the Order guilds on the Averheim server. Turned out the list was sorted by default by "renown per member". If you sort by number of members suddenly Casualties is in the top spot, and if you sort by total renown we still come in among the top 10.

Which only serves to show that ranking guilds is inherently problematic, because what the "best" guild is depends on the criterion you choose. A small hardcore guild can certainly claim that every member put in more of an individual contribution. But what would that help if all 219 Casualties members decided to log in at the same time and attack the same keep? Numbers do count in WAR RvR outside scenarios.

In the end the main purpose of a guild is to provide a fun environment for its members. And I don't see how you could measure that on a guild ranking site.
Yeah you can sort by whatever you want. I think the best indication of a guild being good is their guild rank. Generally guild rank is based on how much your members are doing, not just numbers.

We'll be updating the data today and you'll also be able to search for your guild today.

The data is updated every other day.
One of the highest ranking guilds is a group of 33 members if I'm not mistaken, according to WARDB. Likely 33 hardcore gaming folks who when they play, play for keeps.

It's good to see that smaller guilds can gain ranks just as fast or faster than larger guilds, as opposed to the way I remember EQ2 doing their levels.

Just because we're larger, doesn't mean we level faster.

I can't see it at work T, did we hit 12 yet?
@jobildo: Nope, at 98%

CoW allows a main plus 2 alts, so getting to the top of their leaderboard will be quite difficult.

That's a link to all guilds across all servers. As you can tell most high level guilds are smaller guilds with more dedicated players.

Also, wardb guild rank leaderboards are inaccurate since they require one or more people in each guild to have the wardb addon, which doesn't happen.

Warheap takes directly from the realm war page, so it's as accurate as realm war, which is pretty accurate most of the time.
"Likely 33 hardcore gaming folks who when they play, play for keeps."

Did you mean for that to be a pun?
@ Greg: Yes. :)
Son of a....your on the side of my most hated enemies Tobold...noooo.

When I see CoW I go into a murderous rampage, I start frothing at the mouth, screaming epitaths through vent that would make a sailor blush.

But it's all in good fun. I think I can safely speak for my guild Einherjar, were coming for you, with a passion. All your base belong to us!
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