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Wednesday, October 08, 2008
Tome Tactics

Syp has a great post on tome tactics over at Waaagh!, something I wanted to write about as well today. He was faster, so I'm keeping myself short.

I gathered my first two tome unlocks needed for my first tome tactic yesterday, killing 20 level 12 dwarves in Barak Varr, then one level 17 champion bandit in Ostland. Then I went to the library in Inevitable City and tried to get my tome tactic. No success, couldn't find the vendor. Googled for him, and found out that the vendor isn't currently in the game. Doh!

So yes, you can unlock tome tactics in your tome of knowledge already, but no, you won't get the actual tactic before Mythic patches the vendor back in.
The lack of in game feeback or information leading to the tome unlocks seems a bit strange. You literally have to just stumble upon them or go to a website that will tell you what you need to do. Some sort of ToK interface whereby you click on a certain tome tactic which then brings you to the page showing you the various unlocks seems more optimal.

As it was the vendors were in game showing all of the tactics as "green" but then would tell you that you don't have the needed tome unlocks to get the ability.
I like that there are no guides to getting the tome unlocks. As someone who likes to explore the game and find things for myself this is fantastic! But, that said, the clues you are looking for are infact sprinkled throughout the tome of knowledge, you just need to take some time and read the storyline. I had to force myself to start doing this at first but now I can't wait to see what's going on as I unlock more and more interesting things.
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