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Tuesday, November 25, 2008
The Agency on Construed

DM Osbon, whose blog currently is named Construed is running a multi-part interview with Matt Staroscik from SOE on their upcoming MMO The Agency. Part 1 here. This MMO is announced to be released simultaneously on the PC and Playstation 3, which would be an interesting novelty. Gameplay is similar to a shooter, in a setting borrowed from James Bond or Austin Powers movies.

Check it out, DM Osbon is putting a lot of effort into his blogs. The only risk is that by visiting his blog you'll cause him to move to a blog with a different name and URL. He always does that when he gets more than 3 readers a day. :)
I have a sneaky suspicion that if any mmo manages to knock WOW off the no 1 spot it will be a console release. When I first read about "The Agency" I thought is sounded like a persistent world version of Call of Duty 4 (online shooter will mild character progression)then I read that the game will have quests and crafting so now I don't know what to expect.

PS: And DM is just about the nicest guy in the blogo-sphere whatever he chooses to call his blog :)
Agency's got a heavy PvE focus as well, and you can change your class on the fly... some really nifty ideas. If it really does go free-to-play, I'll be hard-pressed not to check it out. The art alone in the game caught my eye. If it's as humorous as the TF2 style it adopts, it could be a lot of fun.
It looks interesting now I just have to go and write, "I will not get caught up in pre-launch hype of another MMO after Warhammer," 100 times on the wall here and I should be good.

For me it depends on how in depth they make the game. If it's just MMO-Goldeneye I think I will pass but if the quests require a bit more espionage and trickery than racking up head shots it looks to have potential.
I think it's about time consoles made a stake in MMOs but although The Agency is a little tounge-in-cheek shouldn't mean that SOE takes the medium too lightly.

Parts 2 & 3 of the interview cover more indepth details about gameplay in The Agency, I just hope I get them back before the end of the year!
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