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Sunday, November 23, 2008
Open Sunday Thread

Another open Sunday thread, where you get to choose subjects to discuss, ask questions, or propose themes for future blog posts.
Tabula Rasa shutting down in Feb.
I'd be interested to hear your opinion on WoTLK's torture quests - and I believe there are others.
I'd like to see comments on whether people think Death Knights are overpowered. I chose to level a Death Knight when the expansion came out and to say things have been easy is an understatement, I have been positively screaming through Outland! I have been able to solo every single world elite boss so far with the exception of Arazzius and Durn and I completed both of those bosses with a party of only 2 Death Knights and looking back on it I may have been able to solo Arazzius if I had done things differently.

I have a pretty broad range of experience, I have 5 level 70s, I am an altoholic and I raid. I have never played a class so powerful ever, period.

Or did they just make Outland easier after the expansion??
I'd agree with Maniac that DKs seem very powerful. I'm told that it's because of their starter gear and that they get weaker slowly as their gear matches down to that of others, but I haven't tested it yet. Having said that, I've seen no evidence that they are more powerful at soloing than a BM hunter with a gorilladin. My hunter can take anything my DK can, wearing only outland greens. Long term, I think the real question will be not "are they good at soloing?" but "are they any good at tanking?". The consensus on that seems to be less clear.
Hehe, I thought I shouldn't write any political posts any more? How can you read the quest text you linked of where you are asked to perform torture for a group who isn't allowed to do it themselves and not think "extraordinary rendition"? And honestly, if such things happen, I rather have that they happen to virtual characters.
This is more a suggestion than a topic in itself , but can you make the drop down list for archives start from the latest month ? If I want to see all the posts from November , i have to scroll all the way down from 2003.
TR shutting down is pretty big news in the mmo landscape imho, although maybe not unexpected. I tried TR and actually liked it for the first few levels. It seemed to cater to the extreme casuals, with instant travelling from the start and fast, relatively easy combat. Somehow after those first levels it seemed to drag a bit with little variety and a 'flat' uninspiring -instanced- world.

On the DK. Playing casually im currently at level 62, in HFP. I just soloed a quest where you have to beat two level 63 elites (with a heal up-break in between) at hellfire basin in order to get a blue plate chestpiece. (this is my first gear upgrade). Now if you're really good you probably can do it without dieing :) but still i got it done thanks to the fact the the ghoul form you take when your DK dies (unholy talent iirc) can loot too:D Now if even a mediocre, extremely casual player as myself (who is still learning the DK mechanisms) can do this, ill bet anyone can..So maybe the DK is going to be hit by the nerf stick in the future. If so i hope it remains a fun class though: since i plan to play this character till 80 first.
I thought TR was pretty fun. The combat was very fluid, a real improvement over the turn based combat in most MMOs. The graphics were also quite pretty if you had the PC to see them. It had two main problems, IMO. First, there was just a general lack of depth. The game play didn't change much as you advanced, and the classes were poorly differentiated. Once the shinynes of the combat system wore off, there really wasn't much there to keep you playing. The other problem that I saw was that the hardware reqs were simply too high for when it launched. At one point they revealed that the majority of users were running the game on the "low" settings. The game was pretty fugly on those settings, the engine did not scale down to mid level PCs that well. I'm sure this turned off some users before they even really got into the game.

Overall though, I see the shut down of TR as a real shame. It was one of the few truly different MMOs out there. I think we have plenty of Diku MUD style fantasy MMOs, and the utter failure of games like TR and Auto Assualt sends a message to publishers that those are all we will buy.
Death Knights are immensely overpowered. Playtesting, hello?
This trend also continues in Northrend. Death Knights AoE tanking for more damage than a T6 Hunter and my really well equipped Warlock??? We were AoEing like crazy, but this two levels lower guy just outdamaged us while tanking.
They are about as overpowered as instances have become easy as hell and simply outshine the other classes.
Well... NOT done.

About Tabula Rasa: Yes, it was lacking. Still sad to see it go, but I did not really dig it either.
This is more a suggestion than a topic in itself , but can you make the drop down list for archives start from the latest month ? If I want to see all the posts from November , i have to scroll all the way down from 2003.

Done, tell me if this works for you.
I never said that - I rather like your political posts!
On the subject of Tabula Rasa, I was wondering if you had any thoughts on the idea of player ownership of games. Whenever a game is going to shut down the idea gets passed around of the players getting together and saving it. I wrote a big long blather about it, but I'd love to know what some of the folks who are more gamers than tecchies think about the idea?
Sorry for the late reply , but it's working. I find it much easyer to read all the things I haven't read since my last visit. And thank you for your quick feedback.
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