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Saturday, November 08, 2008
Path of a Hero

Some time ago I discussed achievement systems and said how sad it was that your character's development wasn't better recorded. Now I received a mail from a new website for World of Warcraft called Path of a Hero, which serves exactly for the purpose of keeping a record of your character. You sign up (*not* using your WoW password), make a screenshot of your character on the WoW character selection screen, and upload it. The site then also uploads your gear from BeImba, including a gear score. And you can add a short blog entry describing your character.

Then every time your character develops, like gains levels in WotLK, or finds new raid loot, you repeat the above procedure, and end up with a photo diary of your character development, including a record how your stats and gear score improved. Pretty cool!
I can't say that I'd spend much time using such a feature myself. I'm more interested in future loot than past redundant loot...
i actually attempted something similar on my own. i have a screenshot folder of every gear upgrade i got for the first 15 levels or so on my druid. i thought it would be cool to make a timelapse video.

this system seems to have the same problems that i eventually ran across though, namely that it's hard to remember to update it manually, and the screenshot poses on the wow entry screen are never quite in the same pose.

it would be great if it could learn the appearance of your character, and then pull your updated gear from armory or something. then you could actually look at it in a model viewer, and make a little movie out of your progression if you wanted to.
I think it's a cool idea. Too bad the actual game developers didn't make something like that.
This site doesn't seem too useful as it's just too manual.

But I would imagine it's possible to create a system that would let you just choose from WoW models to setup your base character then pull from armory to do automatic updates.

Sounds like something WoWhead could easily do with their already existing technology.
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