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Sunday, December 07, 2008
Ding 80 !

My priest today dinged 80, the first of my characters to do so. That relieves me a bit from the feeling that I "have to" catch up with everyone else in the guild.
GZ. :)

Now that you have finished the game :) think of all the time you have to do other stuff!!!
Gz Tobold! Good luck with heroic gear drops :)
Your relief will be fleeting, next will come the "I have to catch up in gear ot everyone else in the guild.". (Or perhaps not.)
Looking forward to your "life after 80" report! :)
Gratz :). Much easier than BC isn't it. Also a bit boring tbh ;). I already started leveling my dk and hunter.
Dang, the expansion hasnt even been out one month! Any idea what your /played to 80 was?
Congrats, Tobold. I just hit 78 last night myself. After the initial rush I've gone back to my old pattern of mixing in alts and trying other games. I'm not as engrossed by the game, but the content will last longer this way.
Grats! :)

I only made it to 56 so far in the expansion. With my Troll Death Knight.

After all the positive things I heard about the DK starter zone etc. I finally gave it a try. But realized quick it's still WoW (doh! suprise!) and somehow I can't stand PvE any more since WAR :O.

The game always starts to get wacky at max level =D
Congrats Tolbold! I'm about 1.3 levels from 80 myself and I've been thinking about what to do with my level 80 character at that point. Here's my list (not prioritized) I'd like to see yours.

- Level up professions and get some nice recipe drops
- Do any good quest chains I may have missed (i.e. Wrathgate ---> AWESOME)
- Do any of the instances I've missed in regular mode
- Do all the instances in heroic mode
- Help guild progress in Naxx10 and then Naxx25
- Help guildmates with any group quests/levelling instances
- Make $$$ for enchants and gems
- Earn some kind of drake - probably red, which means more $$$ :)
- See if I can do all the end game content before it's relegated to second place by other end game content (I've never finished the raid pinnacle while it was still the pinnacle)
- Kill anything I can in Wintergrasp ;)

So there it is. I may have forgotten something but these are the things that I plan to do.
I just want you to know because of reading your posts I am playing my priests again. So I thank/blame you! heheh :)
I went disc for levelling and healing. The disc tree is very interesting, especially for single target healing. The combination of Penance + Grace is pretty amazing, esp if you also have Divine Aegis and Inspiration, i spend a lot of time just standing there looking at full health bars with a satisfied feeling. :)

Of course, I'm only 73 right now, and so far have healed up to Drak'Tharon Keep. I have no idea what is coming up, nor whether to focus more on crit or haste after spellpower. both seem to help a lot.
oops I meant "priest", one. not "priests" :)
As I say to my guildmates when the achievement to get to lvl 80 pops up: Big gratz!

Looking forward to your comments on WotLK endgame content.
I just hit level 80 last night as well...right as my guild was fully clearing Naxx 25 for the 2nd time. So, yeah, I still feel like I'm behind everyone. But the stuff that is starting to get boring for them is new and exciting for me. I regret that I wasn't there for all the first kills but I was determined to take it easy and have fun on the way to 80. Mission accomplished I think.

On an aside, I hit 80 about 75% through Storm Peaks (skipped Borean Tundra and Shalozar Basin). There were a lot of very interesting quests and story lines in Storm Peaks. I'm just glad I have an epic flyer as it would have been an incredible pain to have a slow flyer with all the back-and-forth traveling.
Grats! (Hope you don't run out of content too soon!)

In some ways, needing to keep up with friends isn't a fun thing in MMO's, IMHO. I wonder if there's a better way to handle it.
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