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Saturday, December 06, 2008
The history of IGE

Whatever you think of RMT, the selling of virtual currency for real money, there is no denying that it exists, and in a big way. So it can only be helpful to be better informed about that business. On Wired Julian Dibbell does a great job of chronicling the history of IGE, which at one point was the world's biggest RMT company. And for those who hate gold sellers, well there is a happy ending in the fact that it ends badly.
Unfortunately this is rather a report of the life of a B/C grade celebrity than talking about the RMT business.
@Longasc: True, but interesting none-the-less, and a great rags-to-riches-to-rags-to-riches story too.

Also, I read the headline as The history of Iga... >_>
I wouldn't call that much of an unhappy ending. Brock ended up with millions and Hernandez had to give up on his lawsuit because Brock had already sold off the parts of IGE still worth something to another gold seller who is still in business.

What you have here is an unethical businessman, who conned a bunch of venture captialists out of money and then got away with screwing over his partners and everyone else he burned. An interesting story to be sure, but not exactly a story where the villian gets his just desserts.
I suspect there was quite a bit more about Brock Pierce, Marc Collins-Rector, DEN related sex trafficking and abuse than was glossed over there.

And don't forget this classic article!
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