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Friday, December 05, 2008
Pictures on this blog

Today's screenshots about the WAR exit survey surprised some readers, who thought that I never put up pictures on my blog. But I do, only I do it rarely. I value good gameplay more than fancy graphics, so I don't usually use screenshots to make a point about the quality of a game. And, badly kept secret, most of my readers do read this blog on their office computer, so my design is deliberately safe-for-work, non-flashy, looking serious if your boss catches a glimpse of your screen.

But I'd welcome your feedback on pictures on this blog. Do you think I should use them more often? Or even less often? Or is the current way okay with you? On what kind of posts and subjects do you think pictures would be helpful?
Since you are not discussing a "wide" variety of games, I would think using pictures would be redundant. I can guarantee a million and one pages of pictures for WoW, WAR, etc.
Your commentary is more important here, and the once in a while like the WAR survey pics are just fine in my opinion...

Even though I'm a visual person, I like your down-to-the-facts approach of things.
If one picture can tell a thousand words it's fine, if it doesn't, it's fluff I wouldn't miss (here).
Still enjoying every single post
Keep it up :)

I'd agree with the posts above. Pictures are fine when they add something to the story, but please don't add them just for the sake of it.
If the picture's of something unique that could help tell your story, then certainly use it. If it's just there to keep people reading... I don't think it's needed.
Greetings Tobold,

Your writing is very descriptive so I don’t think you need pictures often. When applicable you have linked game items on your blog and I think that is great.
No pictures pls, for us who are trying to get away with reading you at work :P Also your blog style is refreshing compared to other gaming blogs I read, don't muddy it up with tons of pictures.
Hello, like you said... reading@work!
I actually find in-game screenshots annoying while I read blogs. Usually, I read them to read opinions, not to know what their character look like, or which pretty landscape their character saw. I play the games, I want to read about what people behind the screenies are thinking.

Nice posts as always :)
I like no pictures....
I'm a very visual person, but when I'm reading a blog that's heavy on information, I like to just have nice, clean walls of text. They are faster and easier for me to read. I also tend to employ such when I write on my own blog, despite being an artist by trade.

Pictures are great where appropriate, absolutely, but your writing style as exhibited thus far doesn't seem to need them. Graphs, perhaps, pictures, not so much. Pictures don't really bother me, but if they aren't necessary, why bother?
WOrk and school. No pics is far better
Agree -- no pictures. But you don't use them very often anyway, so it's fine if you do on the rare occasion.
Your use of picture was fine, but I also prefer no/few pictures.
Well, your site is blocked for me at work. I can *only* access it through a reader, so the site visuals don't matter. That could mean either: go ahead and make it look better because it won't cause me problems, or don't bother because I won't see it to appreciate it. Ultimately, it's down to you. I personally think you should use pics if you think they add something to the post, otherwise don't bother.
No pictures, you don't need them.

Also, any chance you can remove the picture of 'yourself' in the bottom right bar? It's the only thing that gives the site away as a 'non-work' site.
It's fine as it is. :)
I like the writing on this site most. Pictures are fine if they directly support the content being discussed. Otherwise, in this day and age of visually overwhelming sites, I'd prefer to keep this site free of the gratuitous eye candy.
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