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Saturday, December 27, 2008
Pirates of the Burning Sea Free Trial

I liked this game during the beta, but got tired of it quickly in the release version. Nevertheless Pirates of the Burning Sea isn't dead, and is even promising a complete rework of the not-so-good avatar combat part soon. Meanwhile you can test the game in 14-day free trial, or even 21 free days if you are Fileplanet subscriber.
I gave the Warhammer Trial a go (only available via referal from US accounts at the moment) - Suffice to Say I now own Warhammer Online and am enjoying it, What are your thoughts on PotB as it is now? (As in, what makes it unique beyond the glaringly obvious)
Wow, only one comment after two days.

So how about this - how many of us will give a game a 2nd try (or perhaps a 1st try provided you've been scared off by reviews) when the company says that it's "much improved"?

Can't say I ever gave this game a go. The economic model sounded pretty flawed. And by the lack of responses, it seems that they're not even generating any enthusiasm whatsoever?
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