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Wednesday, December 17, 2008
A Tale in the Desert IV

Ooops, I missed it by a few days: The third telling of A Tale in the Desert recently ended, and last Saturday the fourth telling has begun. So, if you are interested in a brand-new and improved version of A Tale in the Desert IV, now would be a good time to check it out. Only MMORPG I know which has a beginning and an end, and introduces lots of changes in restarts, instead of patches and expansions.
ww2ol has a beginning and an end, being that the campaign has victory conditions. Generally one campaign lasts a couple of months, thoughout which the equipment available gets steadily more advanced through a succession of "tiers". The Allies and Axis battle it out until one side has met the Victory Conditions, then after a few days of "intermission", the map is reset and the battle is rejoined with tier zero equipment.

Anyone know of any more MMO's with beginning and ends?
Well, if we're talking about victory conditions and resets, then WAR Tier 4 might conceivably count in theory. Push back and forth until one side captures the city, kills the king and everything starts over.

Of course, right now, it's more of a "push to fortress, watch server crash, find everything reset on next log on" thing. :P

But I'm sure they're working on fixing it. Don't think they anticipated my Aussie/Asian server fielding 200-400 a side on crazy holiday weekends.
Think ATITD is still the most unique in that it does officially END. And starts up again with stuff tweaked, locations twisted around and new things to learn.
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