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Friday, December 05, 2008
Your feedback is important to us

Or maybe not ...
Survey closed *on the same day* as I received the invitation to participate. GOA at their finest.
WTF? I didn't think this blog had pictures!
It's up now.
Same thing happened to me. Survey stuck 3 times before finishing (can't connect to server).
Of course I'm in EU under GOA.

Quality service for both the customer and the supplier. Poor Mythic for selecting such a co-operative...

You were lucky to get a page telling you it's closed. When I clicked the link I only got a server error!
I managed to complete the survey, but the server was obviously under very heavy load as each page was taking a few minutes to load. Lots of cancelled subscriptions then I guess :)
I was aptly surprised to see images here, as well.

@Topic: I think GOA just trolled you.
perhaps this site has performance problems, because to many are canceling their subscription at the same moment?
The impression i get sofar from GOA is that they are trying really hard (which at least earns them a single point) but not that often succeeding. Also they seem to repeat errors from the past, in this case inadequate networking/server capacity to handle incoming traffic. I didnt get to do the survey since im still on their subscriber list, although im havent been playing the game lately.
I did take the survey. The page load time for each part of the survey was about 2-3 minutes at the time I did. They should have let a reasonable company host the survey instead of France Telecom - I certainly wouldn't get my internet connection from those fools if I'd live in France...

I'm pretty sure GOA is owned by France Telecom.
@Unwise even worse :D That takes this mess to an entirely new level...
You didn't miss that much anyway. They were mostly interested in whether you quit to go play Wrath - the original version of the survey actually "forgot" a number of high profile MMORPG's including LOTRO and Vanguard. The US version also included some questions from EA's marketing department to ask what other gaming platforms you own. I wrote up a summary of the Q&A if you're curious.
I managed to reach the survey now, but was somewhat disappointed by the lack of options for answers. Like Green Armadillo I had to check "Too few other players online" as a reason to leave, although in reality it was more like "too few people in the open world, everyone in instanced scenarios", which wasn't a possible answer. And on Question 6: "What additional feature would influence you most to log back in?", there was no option to "halve the xp and renown earned in scenarios, so people start flooding back into the open world".

And at least in the European version there was no place for additional comments free-text, there were only multiple choice type questions, which often failed to describe the real problems. So from my answers they'll get the impression that I stopped playing WAR to start playing Wrath of the Lich King. Which isn't the whole truth. I would have stopped playing WAR even if WotLK hadn't come out. And if I hadn't been so disappointed by WAR underdelivering on their hype, and getting their incentives structure all wrong, I might have kept up my WAR subscription and played both. I liked the WAR public quests and even the open RvR keep battles, I just hated the fact that there rarely was the opportunity to do these activities, because the rest of the player base was grinding scenarios to reach maximum level fast.
a number of high profile MMORPG's including LOTRO and Vanguard

Because they are NOT high profile ya think?

They probably think most anyone who played WAR were from WoW anyways.
"halve the xp and renown earned in scenarios, so people start flooding back into the open world"

You mean you would consider coming back if 50% of the current active player base would leave? :O

Sorry couldn't resist! :P
They've already (wisely, IMO) ruled out punishing people who enjoy doing scenarios. Why do so many commentators feel the need to push for stick before the carrot?
The US version of the survey was without an open comment field. If your opinion did not fit a pre-defined answer, your opinion must be in error.
Why do so many commentators feel the need to push for stick before the carrot?

Well, if they don't want to half the xp and renown from scenarios, they could always double the xp and renown from everything else. That has nothing to do with sticks, and everything to do with game balance. If you create a game with lots of different gameplay activities, and make one of them far more rewarding than the others, you'll just starve the majority of your game.
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