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Monday, January 19, 2009
Kel'Thuzad down!

Not that I think it'll impress anyone, but tonight me and my guild cleared Naxxramas on normal, for the first time. Kel'Thuzad down, and two achievements earned, one for him, and one for clearing everything. Afterwards we still killed Sartharion twice (10 and 25), who dropped the T7 gloves for me. That solved my problem whether I should spend my Emblems of Heroism on those gloves or to replace my blue belt. So all in all a pretty good raid night. :)
Congrats on the kill.
screenshots or it didn't happen ;)
Congratulations Tobold and his guild! On a side note, I'm about to return to World of Warcraft myself..Dunno what to play though. Already played a warrior/hunter/rogue so..yeah.

Again grats!

Danshir, High Priest of the cult of Tobold(aka I have a huge hat)
Get some rest would you! It's a school night!
Well done Tobold - who ever said Naxx was easy? I guess you think its a challenge like the rest of us mere mortals or you wouldnt have posted it :-)

Ordrac of Khaz'goroth
Congrats! It's funny cos I just wrote a post about how we got Kelthuzad down for the first time last night also. Must be something in the water :)
Congrats! I congratulate! How are the impressions from this boss?
Well, phase 1 is easy enough if everyone just patiently stands in the circle and kills the mobs as they arrive. Somebody running out, and then getting punted by a banshee into a big group of undead can cause a wipe, but that shouldn't happen all that often. For me as holy priest stage 1 was fun due to a slightly unusual spec, having put 3 talent points into spirit tap. Most people would advise against that for raid priests, but in this case it meant I could smite skeleton without depleting my mana bar. A "classic raid spec" holy priest would have been less useful in that phase.

Phase 2 and 3 only differ by two adds, and are the more difficult part of the encounter. Kel'Thuzad has a frost blast which he casts at random intervals, and which deals 104% of your health in damage over 4 seconds, and jumps to everyone standing close to the first target. So the raid needs to spread out, but the healers need to be in range of everyone to heal them quickly. We had a few lag spikes which made that part especially hard. And then there is an "idiot test", where Kel'Thuzad casts a shadow fissure on the location of a random player, and that player has to move out of it in less than 5 seconds or die. Personally I found those to be very visible and thus easy to avoid, but I hear that it might depend on your graphics settings, so if you haven't got spell effect settings on max, you might miss the thing and die.

There is also a bunch of frost damage, so *some* frost resistance gear is helpful. But while I was wearing three pieces of it on Sapphiron, I only needed two pieces on Kel'Thuzad. Overall a fun enough fight, with a good mix of gear and skill requirements.

Now get to work on those Drakes!
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