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Monday, February 09, 2009
Best farming spot in WoW

Markco of Just My Two Copper thinks he has found the best farming spot in World of Warcraft, killing Scions of Storm in Storm Peaks. He claims you can make 385 gold in half an hour there, from the eternal air and relics of ulduar you get from those mobs. Additional income if you are miner or engineer, or both.

I must say that I haven't even looked for farming spots yet, so I can't say how good that spot is from my own experience. So maybe you know more. Do you believe that this could be the best farming spot in WotLK? Or is farming lets say Wintergrasp when it belongs to your faction bringing even more? What's your favorite farming spot?
Why farm when there's an Auction House?
I thought farming is no longer necessary in Lich King?
I've got a question to answer the first two questions:

If everyone stops farming what will happen to your auction house profits?
> If everyone stops farming what will happen to your auction house profits?

That's why Markco posted it. Someone has to do the farming or we could not get our Job done. :-)
>That's why Markco posted it. Someone has to do the farming or we could not get our Job done. :-)

LOL I didn't even think of that but you just totally made me bust out laughing at work. Nice :)

Seriously though if you mix some farming along with playing the auction house you can rake in some serious gold.
Just leave it up to the massive botting community in WoW. They'll be more than happy to farm it for you ;)
This post title should be up for revision tomorrow at latest, to become "Most Overcamped farming spot in WoW", thanks a bunch.
What Gwaendar said. This spot just went from best to worst.
Gwaendar and JThelen, read the end of my article regarding how revealing this location will effect the economy of your server, and how you can profit from it.
It's impossible for people to stop farming.

Once people start seeing outrageous prices, more people will be enticed to farm it themselves, flooding the market once again.

Auction House will yield far greater yields than whatever farming you attempt. Period.
The best farming spot is the AH without doubt. One can easily reach 2-3000G/hour there.

Don't worry about the AH running dry since everyone goes to the AH and no one is farming. There are always [insert Tobold-compatible word here] players who will go out and grind monsters for the only purpose of making me rich :-)
Best farming spot = AH
However you can't farm it non stop. If you have hours to kill then killing mobs is great bonus income. Some people like gathering instead, and it's just as viable.
Mix the auction house, farming, and professions together for the ultimate win.
I personally like the area by the forge in dun nieflem with the fire elementals. The drops are very similar, relics of uldar and crystallied fire to make eternal fire. On my server eternal fire goes for more then eternal air. Also you can complete the 'hot and cold' daily at the same time. I farmed this spot for about an hour this past weekend. I earned enough eternal fire to make 8 titansteel bars. Which resulted in me buying titanium for 8 titansteel bars. The eternal earth/shadow I had already. I sold all the relics for about 200g, and paid around 200g for the titanium. I then spent about 200g buying titansteel cool downs. I then made and sold a titansteel destroyer for 1800g, which was a quick sale and below AH price by about 400g.

Point is that I try and mix farming with AH to really make most money out of my time. I hate having stuff sit on the AH for days, therefore big ticket items like BOE epics I always price lower to move. To price them lower I need to atleast get some of the mats my self. The relics I sold break even for the titanium I purchased, but the titansteel cooldowns costed me $200, subtracted from the 1800g I'm at 1600g per hour.
This place sucks :) you only take a mob every 1 min or so , they fly away even caster/ranged you wont be able to reach most of them.
Farming eternals?Not for wrath thanks..
Wrath aint BC use to it.
I pref gather or farm some cloth or Relics of ulduar which goes for up to 1.5-2.5g each on AH
I like the mines where you beat up exhausted Vykrul. If you mine, there are periodic saronite and titanium nodes - at least a dozen possible spawns. The mobs can be AOE farmed very effectively for both frostweave and Relics of Ulduar. The green drop rate is nice, too! Here are the results of one 30 minute farming session, withOUT counting mining nodes as I was on my herbalist at the time. I've since swapped to farming with my miner for added profit.
37g 72s 30c cash
46 frostweave
28 Relics of Ulduar
1 scroll of protection
1 mana pot
12 drinks - the tea stuff. This was 3 more than I started with, including those used.
7 lvl 76-78 greens to AH or DE

Now.. if you are not on my server, go have fun. If you are - outta my favorite spot while I'm there!
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