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Friday, February 27, 2009
Metaplace review on CNET

My personal excursion into Raph Koster's Metaplace didn't last very long. I felt very disappointed, because what I had expected was a system to build virtual world games; it turned out that Metaplace is a system to build virtual worlds with little or no game functionality. Sorry, I'm about 40 years too old for playing in sandboxes.

So as I'm not going to cover Metaplace on this blog, I'll link you CNET's review of Metaplace instead. Just be aware that Metaplace is a "virtual social place", and doesn't really have anything to do with MMORPGs.
Hurm... but you're wrong about its capabilities. Metaplace has the scripting capability to build UO or Diablo or Subspace or... Did you see any of the game worlds?

Most worlds are social spaces -- and yes, we are focusing on social spaces as the basic experience. After all, a social virtual world that then gets game systems layered into it is an MMORPG. But building games is perfectly feasible. It's just harder, and there's lots of folks working on it but nobody has built a full-on MMORPG yet.

If you're willing, I'd love to give you a tour that shows you some of this stuff. Not to persuade you to like MP -- you don't have to like it :) -- but just to show you what is possible.
heh. he obviously needs to play himself some warbinder on metaplace. earn skills and abilities, spend some mana an' then pwn some faces!


p.s. not that i'm pitching my mmorpg that's in development or anything...
I've looked at it as Raph's twist on Whirled. That title has been online for a while now, and there are some exceedingly simple (and some lame) bits of content there, and there are some exceedingly fun (and some intricate) pieces of work there as well. If Metaplace can be a poor man's answer to the Hero Engine, it may have some legs.
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