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Tuesday, February 24, 2009
Word verification for commenting turned off

Several readers alerted me to the fact that word verification wasn't working due to some problem on Blogspot. As consequence I have turned word verification off. I plan to keep it turned off, which I should have done the moment I disabled anonymous commenting, unless I get major comment spam problems due to that.
To be honest, what I found killed spam the most is the setting that forces moderation on comments on topics older than X days. I don't use word verification, and I allow anonymous commenters.... but since I started moderating old topics my spam has been reduced to zero.
I hate working in Corporate America. Nearly everything WoW related is blocked. Can anyone help me out with the PTR 3.1 patch notes?
Dude - switch to Disqus to create accountability for comments. It's awesome, and super easy to install into Blogger. Just create an account on Disqus, add your blog, and walk through the Blogger guide.

Disqus Rocks.
Thanks for that Tobold. That flakey captcha system caused no end of problems with safari (both regular and iPhone versions).
I also couldn't comment yesterday; I thought it was just a temporary verification site bug.
I just entered incorrect stuff until it gave me an image I could view. Then I typed that in, no problems.
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