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Thursday, April 30, 2009
Even my bank alt is depressed of WoW

I didn't play World of Warcraft at all last weekend, and barely logged on since. I was feeling too burned out and depressed, and wasn't motivated at all to play. I still want to raid Ulduar, but the rest of the game doesn't hold much interest for me right now. I wonder how many raiders feel the same, I notice a lot of people logging on in my guild just before the raids start.

Even my bank alt is depressed of WoW: This morning I had 70 returned auction house mails, and only 15 gold from items sold in my mailbox. And that's with a wide mix of items, all of them posted at the cheapest price in the AH. Business is ultra-slow, nobody seems to be buying anything any more. Trading in a deflating economy isn't much fun, especially as I don't need the gold anyway.

So I guess I'll reduce my World of Warcrafting to pure raiding twice a week, and use the rest of the time to play other games. Like Free Realms, or Empire: Total War, for which the big patch came out yesterday. So I can test this weekend whether that patch solved my crashing problems, and lets me play more than a turn or two before dumping me to the desktop. My English invaded and eliminated France, and got the thirteen colonies to join the Empire by capturing three specific American provinces. But up to now I only played a few turns per session, before I got too annoyed with the crashes. So this weekend I'll be busy beating back the Spanish who are marching on Paris, and the Cherokee who didn't like me taking their capital city.
ah, l'ennui... :)
Did they patch in multicore support? the patch notes don't seem to mention it.
The splash screen when you start the game says 'runs great on intel i7' yet the game only uses one core...

From the ten or so new games I tried in 2009, zero used multiple cores. Some games used hyperthreading but most didn't. Seems a bit strange considering pretty much every PC sold last year had a multipe core cpu yet if you check your taskmanager while gaming, only one core is actually doing any work.
Enjoy, hope the patch sorted the crash out.

I'm also completely burned out on Wow. Our last few Naxx runs were painful - I'm not a hardcore raider in the guild, so I have to rely on "social" runs where the guild gets together alts and non-raiders who want to try out Naxx. Ulduar is not really an option, so I'll just stick to doing the dailies and maybe a few heroics with friends.
Nope, myself and the other raiders in my guild are playing more than ever outside of raids. People are actually on their mains doing the Argent Tournament, arena'ing, doing Wintergrasp again, lots of people learning to fish, all sorts of activity going on.
I've been only logging in two times (raid days) a week for a while now. The new patch does bring a bit of new life to it: doing these silly seasonal activities for the mount. And playing a bit around with the argent tournament. But that will only last a few days.

On the non raid days, I have time to play some other games. Conquering the world as the Dutch in Emperor was fun (but too easy on normal). Played through some good old games too like beyond good & evil or stronghold. And I still have to play through some classics I never got to such as Grim Fandango or Monkey Island 3/4 or the starcraft expansion or maybe even Baldurs gate or... It's more fun then playing WoW at the moment and these old games don't cost much and are often more fun then the latest games.

Eventually i'll log in again and start enjoying the levelling of my alts, I'm just burned out atm and lost my motivation to play.
Yeah - I'm burned on WoW as well..... and I'm raiding twice a week and that's about it.

Oddly, I'm still happy to write on my blog about wow..... so it's the actual playing of the non-raid game that I can't get into.
I don't feel burned out, and I still have fun when I play it. But I am playing less than I used to. I think this is a good thing really, if it means less grind.
What I don't get is how, two weeks after a major patch, everyone can sit around a bitch about how bored they are and all they are doing is Uldaur twice a week, blah blah, yet if I suggest that WoW is debasing the product to keep more people in this living death stage (cause they get your $15/mo anyway) I get attacked.

You are 6 months into an expansion. You are three weeks out from a major content patch. You are bored to tears. The only thing keeping you in game is that you don't know what else to do with yourself. What infernal force is keeping you in the game?

Even if I am wrong about WoW, and its super uber awesome, each player has a career arc. The posters above are probably towards the end of their career. So are a lot of people in game. Part of the move to casual is to keep as many people in this half in half out state for as long as possible.

But hey, I'm a weak minded idiot so just ignore me.
I guess I am lucky with my server, I am still pulling in 5 to 7k a day from glyphs. I have no idea what I am going to do with the gold however, but I don't raid much so for now I am not very burned out.
Resubscribed just a few weeks ago, and leveling on a new server, so not really burned out. That said I am noticing that it is hard to move things on the AH and that general AH item availability is lower than I ever remember.

This is also the first reroll where I have simply not had it in me to care about leveling professions, the first time where I have not really seriously looked at joining a guild, and the first time where WoW is way down my priority list, something I only do if nothing else is going on (which has been pretty often lately since I have a sprained ankle). I suppose those things don't bode well. But playing it 2-3 days a week is still more than enough to justify the $15, and for now this is the best PVE content around.
I'm still very much into the game as ever. First, I've never been really good with the AH, and built many alts over time so that I could be self sufficient with profession mats. I continue working on upping their professions to this day. My main is in a casual raiding guild however, I don't run anything with them. Scheduling my play time ahead of time simply doesn't work for me, and I don't always feel like sinking 2-3 hours in an instance. I PUG everything and yeah, had bad experiences, but had great ones too. My main is a healer, so it's usually not a problem finding a PUG for heroic, or Naxx, even got to see Uldar 10man this week.

I go by phases. I'm doing dailies and working on my reps. Then I'll eventually get bored and will switch on the Horde side and work on those toon. Always finding cool things to do, and I'm itching to start a new toon.
Isn't LOTRO the best PVE content?

And sccoaire... It's great that you are having fun, I just can't tell how. Crafting and leveling are your main activities? I don't think most people would be as happy as you are with that. I'd rather gouge out my eyes and chop off my mouse hand, but that's just me.
I'm finding myself playing more wow than before. The argent tournament dailies for most days, noble garden (and upcoming children's week) and raid nights. More people from my guild have been logging on for dailies, which also led to a (somewhat) renewed interest in accomplishing heroic dungeon achievements due to more people being on. A lot of my guildmates are interested in collecting vanity pets and mounts which is what makes the argent tournament compelling. If anything, it's also a way to experience somewhat new content while earning gold (full set of argent tournament dailies yields about 200g) for repairs and consumables for use in Ulduar. Your mileage may vary.

...speaking of banker banker is down in the dumps and its much more troubling than our wishy-washy economy:

*He has 225 mining and now he has 0 health buff from it because he's too low a level.
*His +100 health enchant to chest is now red.
*Glows on his Filled Brewfest stein no longer work (neither +15 agility nor crusader glow on it now).
*He still can't get more than +3 stam on his Antique Silver Cufflinks.
*To top it all off...When he got summoned to Booty Bay to get his Perpetual Purple Firework, he got 55 discover XP and hit level 2. about banker depression. He was so overwhelmed, he found himself at teh edge of the gutter dumping out of dalaran contemplating jumping.
I totally agree with Toxic... there is something wrong with how bored I feel this soon after the expansion and for me personally there isn't anything exciting in the new patch.

I just can't even bring myself to login. Even the new raid doesn't do anything for me. More of the same.. blarg.

Also the Argent Tourney is a total joke if you ask me. Yah! I get to fly around way outta my way and joust a few npcs doing even more of the crappy vehicle junk.

Can WoW really keep people playing with content like this?
WoW's been out for 4+ years now. It's inevitable that some players will get bored. I don't think there's any way to avoid that. Even if Blizzard put out a new content patch monthly, in many ways it would be more of the same -- new quests that are similar to old quests, etc.

I don't belong to a raiding guild, so it's easy for me to unsubscribe now and then. I take a few months off and then go back and the game is fresh again for awhile.

If there was a better MMO, it might pull me away from WoW. I haven't seen one yet, though. Other MMOs tend to be something I enjoy as a diversion during a break from WoW. It's not that I'm so crazy about WoW, but other MMOs inevitably fall short of WoW in significant ways.

I would like to see Blizzard add some things. I'd love an in-game card game with card drops being random world drops and not something the raiders could monopolize. I'd love a hardcore PvP server where you can kill anyone and get XP for those kills. I'd love to see more things like Wintergrasp. I'd love to see new maps for the existing battlegrounds. I'd love to see all the 70 and below dungeons unlocked so you no longer need any kind of attunement to get in -- maybe they've done this? I'd love to see randomized, soloable dungeons. There are things they could add, but doubtless whatever new wrinkle they might add would get a lot of criticism. "A card game? We need new raid content!" Etc.
I was waiting for this post. There is just no way that such limited content can keep the attention of so many people. At 80, where can you really go? Two snow covered boring regions and one raid. Oh sure, you can keep replaying the same old content over and over and over and over. Um, guess what? There are a lot of really good video games out there peeps and you are missing them all to grind yet another alt through 4 year old graphics. Wake up! I cancelled my WOW account 1.5 months ago and Ive had a wild time catching up playing Dawn of War II, Vanguard, Sacred II, etc...there's so much goodness out there, why limit yourself to such a basic MMO? There's more to do in Vanguard's crafting than there is in all of WOW! So many other worlds to explore, so much amazing work. I think its awesome that Tobold has been trying Free Realms. I think I'm going to try it myself now that I'm done with Azeroth.
I don't really want to be a WoW defender, but limited content? There are 80 levels, multiple classes, two sides, raids, crafting, arena, battlegrounds, reputation rewards, and more. There's lots to do, but it's very possible that hardcore players may have done all those things in the previous four years.

I also don't like this "wake up" call, as if people have blindly been playing WoW. Most of us played many other MMOs before WoW, and most of us have probably tried other MMOs after WoW launched. We're not asleep. We haven't seen a better MMO yet.
Well if you enjoy trading you'd have a great time in Eve :).
Oh i posted that before I read you eve comments on earlier articles. Still think you should try it though :).
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