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Sunday, April 26, 2009
Open Sunday Thread

Instead of a forum, my site has this: The open Sunday thread, every weekend, in which YOU give the impulse for discussion and initiate threads.
how would the world feel about spells changing based on 10/25 man versions of dungeons?

in ten man naxx, my (glyphed) CoH heals 60% of the raid. in a 25 man, it heals 24%. This is an intelligent heal that picks the targets that need it the most.

Prayer of Healing affects 50% in ten, and 20% in 25. It trivializes healing ten mans when a single chain or AoE heal can do so much MORE healing. How would you guys feel about CoH affecting 2 targets (three glyphed) in ten man versions? Shockwave now affects 50% of the targets in front of you. Make spells like shockwave intelligent (the 50% it affects are the 50% with lowest threat to the caster, since it's a tanking talent).

It would go a long way in helping people justify 10 man raiding as being on par with 25s.
Tobold' today's weekend deal on Steam is the Orange Box for 66% off. Now is a great time to finally try out TF2. I guarantee you will enjoy it. Portal is amazing too.
The current content does seem to scale with 25man from 10man.... though maybe it's because I'm not in a raiding guild and deal with pugs (which Ulduar is currently not doable with).

Frankly though, what you're describing is an issue that GC has pointed out before. How can you make CoH not trivialize 5man, or 10man, but still be functional and useful in 25man?

At the same time GC says they strongly dislike having spells work differently just because of raid size or gameplay (PvP removal of Exorcism for example) and considers it inelegant.

Though I'd rather have a spell work the same all the time, I'd also rather not be sheeped for a minute in PvP.
Wasn't the general complaint that 25-man raiding was TOO EASY, compared with 10-man raiding, and the differences in reward? Changing spells to a percentage of group size would make 10-man raids even more difficult in comparison to 25-man raids.
Frankly I WISH 10man instances were easier. I don't CARE about this game being hardmode/hardcore. If I want a hardmode game I play a FPS (god I get headshotted alot) or chess (god I suck at chess). I don't care that 10man gear is worse than 25man gear, all I care is that I can finish it.

I say they make 3 tiers of raiding, 10man is easy mode, get's low end gear. 25man is harder (mostly due to getting 25 together etc), and rewards are slightly better than 10man. Then make a 10man HARD mode, for HARDcore raiders, that gives gear above 25man. Now see how many people actually DO the HARDcore 10man over easy 10man, or 25man.....
@Pangoria Fallstar : That's exactly what ulduar is. Ulduar 10 is tuned specifically to be easier than 25. However hard mode 10 man bosses drop better items then you'd see in 25 man.

I think the difference here is everyone is trying to get into ulduar right now, even if they're not prepared for it. Most of the hardcore players were the first ones to level 80, naxx was well and truely cleared before pugs actually had much of a chance in there. I'd say the case is the same for ulduar, although I expect a slightly longer gap between guilds clearing it and pugs clearing it.
Tobold you posted about The Last Remnant a few weeks ago. Another single player rpg you may like is Drakensang, which is set in the Dark Eye world (apparently a pretty big title in Germany). Their last computer version was Shadows over Riva, about 10 years ago. Drakensang is completely old school (so it has lots of numbers, stats and abilities to play with, offering total control in character development) but with an up to date(-ish) engine.
I played Drakensang, but didn't find it outstanding enough to blog about it.
Chronicles of spellborn -skill based system, manual aiming .From the description of its combat it looks like a dream (combine decks freely, gear does not matter).
Ret Paladins are overpowered in Pvp.

Death Knights are overpowered in PvP.

See you next expansion.
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