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Friday, April 10, 2009
Positive guild news

I'm afraid I might have given some people a wrong impression of the competence and atmosphere in my guild. The reason is simply that when everything goes well, I don't write about it, because I consider that as "normal". It is in the rare occasions of failure and guild drama, when I get annoyed, that I write about my guild. Time to correct some impressions.

Last night we had planned a heroic Naxxramas run. We usually have no problems filling those up, but due to the Champions League football (soccer) games that night, we ended up with only 19 players. But far from letting that discourage us, we simply started raiding with those 19 people. And that went quite well! Of course progress with less people is slower, but we did clear out first the plague wing, and then the spider wing. With other guild members logging on later, by the end of the evening the raid had swelled to 24 members, and we finished the night by killing Patchwerk. The atmosphere was relaxed, we joked a lot, and had a good time. I didn't get any loot, but I was pleased enough with myself landing on the second spot out on the healing meters out of 5 healers. And the top spots on the damage meter also were quite impressive. So I don't think anyone of us is worried that when Ulduar comes we won't be able to handle that content. Maybe not clear it on the first night, but at some agreeable pace of progress for a not-quite-hardcore guild.

This is still the guild for which my warrior 4 years ago, on the first day of the European WoW servers, was one of the 10 people signing the guild charter. We had our problems over time, usually in some variation of the issue that some guild members wish we were more hardcore than we are, causing some unrealistic expectations and then disappointment. But overall we are quite a nice bunch. So excuse me if I'm not really considering the advice of those readers who said "your guild has problems? /gquit!". Various guild members, me included, did leave the guild or WoW at some point in time, but came back. So I'd consider the ability of the guild to work things out over time as one of its strong points. I am proud to be member of my guild.
One of the many reasons why I love wow so much, the social interaction.

Good read
I know exactly where you're coming from. The amount of history you have with your guild, that's not something you give up easily. It's also why most smart MMO designers realize that community and guilds are the things that keep players in their game.

My guild has issues now and then, but I realize I only really focus on them when there are problems. I forget the great times, the amount of enjoyment we have just joking around on vent. The triumph of our first KT kill or when we got the Undying achievement. How much respect everyone shows each other when it comes to loot and the general maturity that makes us so different from guilds like the ones you see on Guildwatch.

Really great post Tobold.
"not-quite-hardcore guild"

By average standards, I would say your guild is pretty hardcore. Why, even by my standards...
Nice to hear
Companies are like guilds too, in that negative experiences get 10x the publicity of positive ones. Glad to hear that most of the time, things are going well in your guild.

As for "hardcore-ness": ranks about 60k guilds and 6M characters (out of a population of 11.5M players worldwide).
55% of the ranked guilds have beaten the Arachnid Quarter in 25-man.
30% have beaten Malygos-25.
14% have done Sarth-3D-25.
Thanks for the link, changed. I looked up my guild, and we are pretty much exactly in the middle in ranking of those 60k guilds.
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