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Tuesday, April 28, 2009
Release Day

Today is not only the release day of Free Realms at an unknown hour, but also the release day for a miracly patch for Empire: Total War, promised for 19:00 GMT. I so hope that patch makes this game finally playable. I tried every solution, Vista 64 hotfix, driver update, and strange trick I could find on any official and inofficial ETW forum, and still can't play more than a turn or two before the game crashes to desktop. And that even if I don't do any 3D battles!
Weird, I have no problems on my Vista 64 pc. Good luck with the new patch!

Buying a new game and then seeing that you can't even play it. Now, that sucks and it's a waste of money. Can you ask your money back?
Weird, I have no problems on my Vista 64 pc.As far as I could understand, the problem happens with Vista 64 and 1 GB graphics cards, because Empire: Total War in spite of running on a 64-bit operating system is only using 2 GB of address space, minus whatever adress space your graphics card is using. So in spite of me having 6 GB of RAM, I end up with less than 1 GB useable by ETW, and that supposedly causes the crashes. The patch supposedly fixed the problem, by allowing Empire: Total War to use a larger adress space.
I am yet to be convinced this is nothing more than a game for children. I was in beta and was utterly bored with the whole game after ten minutes -- truly!

I was also shocked at how ungainly the program ran -- often locking my machine out completely and forcing me to power it off to regain control.

I think I will wait for The Agency to lure me away from Everquest II.

Travels with Troy
Hey tobold- I'd love if I could play alongside you when freerealms goes live. Are US and EU servers linked on live?
Is it certain that today is the release day? The only evidence I've seen in the direction is the official site proclaiming itself down for a "Tuesday" launch, which could be a week from today. Every release announcement I've seen cites only that official site -- no direct "April 28" from SOE.
In the beta forums, they announced it would be the 28th.
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