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Wednesday, April 22, 2009
Spinks does Protection for Beginners

If you are playing a warrior in World of Warcraft, and aren't an expert on playing a warrior as a tank yet, Spinks wrote a great guide to protection for beginners. Whether you are unsure of how protection changed in patch 3.1, or whether you just started on the protection path due to dual specs, this is the first place you should be heading to. Not only will you find a great introduction into the various concepts of tanking, from what talents to choose to what gear to wear, you'll also find links to every important tanking resource on the internet.

There are lots of people telling others to learn2play, and very, very few who can express themselves clearly enough to teach2play. Spinks' guides for protection and fury warriors are some of these rare resources. Great work!
Thanks! And glad you find them useful. I know when I'm playing alts, sometimes I just want to get to the bit where I can have fun playing it asap, without spending hours pouring over internet forums first.

And thanks for nudging me into doing it. I think my challenge now is to keep it up to date, and probably I'll put the guides up on a separate page after they've been up for a week or two so I can take comments into account and update as needed.
Good work Spinks. Make me wanna try the tank side of (wow) life.
After reading your info Spinks, I intend to look into it in more detail. As a general n00b (even at 71!) with a tanking warrior, it's taught me more than I've learned on my tod already!!! Thanks.
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