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Sunday, May 03, 2009
Open Sunday Thread

Here we are again, it's Sunday. I get to take a day off from blogging, and you get this thread to express yourself in. Enjoy!
Tobold, I'm curious. You've chosen to go to Free Realms for your break from WOW. What was your reason for choosing this rather than the alternatives (e.g. Runes of Magic)?
As at the moment it's only possible to add friends from the same server to your friends list in Free Realms, could you rally your troops (me and other fans who play free realms) to one promised server of Tobold, so we can all find you in game and come say hi :).
I've become quite addicted to FreeRealms. A few of my buds and myself have determined to always log onto Server 6. Not saying you have to choose 6, but there ya go. ;)

My name is Bhutan Rabisu in game. Feel free to invite me and beat my card game pants off, b/c I'm the unluckiest gem flipper this side of the Mississippi. ;)
People complained for the longest time that naxx and t7 content in wow was generally too easy but now with ulduar and the release of t8 just as many say the opposite. Ulduar and emalon have already been nerfed and they have been out for only about a month...Do you guys think theres anything blizzard can do to hit that sweet spot that everyone can agree on difficulty wise.
I tried Free Realms and I see it's charm, but it's clearly aimed at kids. I don't really see the appeal for adults. Maybe the CCG, but if that's all I wanted, I'd probably throw some money at Magic Online.

Then again, I don't like games like Animal Crossing. It's probably just me. I'd rather play a game aimed at an older audience, though.
What I am curious to see is what direction Blizz will take their next MMO in. More raiding and PvE content? I think thats to much like WoW. Space combat with an FPS style? Lots of games of the same genre are coming out this or next year and what about twitch or regular space? I think the market is way over saturated with sc-fi or space type content.

More PvP centric game? AoC, and Darkfall both tried and even WAR to an extent and all have not done so well in that department. I would love to hear what others have to say but a lot has to come down to Blizzcon this year when more information is revealed.

Also Free Realms is aimed at the kid audience not for the adult population but some still find fun in the game.
I've seen a few posts musing about EQ3. As a non-EQ player, what could they put into EQ3 that might catch your interest?
Whenever I get burned out playing WoW I usually take a break from video games and go back to reading books.
Last time I knocked off a few of the WoW paperbacks which helped flesh out the game for me.
By the way for those who have not heard, they made a movie for 6000 pounds called the Hunt For Gollum.
It's fan fiction, but it's pretty amazing. You can check it out at
It almost make me want to renew my account to LOTRO.
How about some posts about the mechanics of the games in Free Realms? WoW is very well-known by this point, and there are plenty of sites on how to optimize everything, from power-leveling to raiding to PvP. But Free Realms is brand new, so there are very few sites about it.
I'm waiting for deck building 102 and card strategy 101 for Free Realms TCG. It is an exciting time with a totally new set of cards and strategies are still in their formative stages. I would like to see some semi-regular discussion (once or twice a week) on how the meta game is evolving (or should evolve).
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