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Friday, June 19, 2009
Grinding to Valhalla interviews Tobold

Grinding to Valhalla is what I'd call a tertiary gaming site: It isn't a primary site of a game, nor a secondary site talking about games, but it is a site talking about people who talk about games. If you want to know more about some MMO blogger, chances are there is an interview in multiple chapters with him on that site.

Now when first asked I refused to be interviewed, because many of the questions were about the private lives of the bloggers, where they live, what they work, and a lot of other stuff I've always been reluctant to post. So Randolph decided to accept my desire fro privacy, and sent me an edited list of questions about my gaming and blogging, leaving out the more personal stuff. You can find Randolph's interview with me here.
Thanks for that. Being new to blogging, it's sometimes hard to think that there are people with 1 million+ hits who once started out wondering if people read their blogs just like me. It's one of those things I realize, but in the back of my mind, it's great to see validation of it.

Another thing is the trolls you mention. I had been cross posting some of my blogs on Gameriot to help garner readership, and I've been getting blasted there for being pretentious and "holier than thou" on one comments page, then on the other, there is a legitimate discussion of the post going on. I learned my lesson, and I am just going to avoid the site. I guess that kind of thing comes with the territory anytime you put words and ideas out there for the public.

And I agree about the forums. That's why I actually started reading blogs in the first place. There are no longer great, populated forums to read and establish a community within, so being able to communicate ideas through blogs and comments works just the same. Sure, they're not consolidated, but using iGoogle lets me have a place to go back and partake of anything I want to, whenever I can. I do miss forums, though, but I think web 2.0 helped make them a little less desirable.
I decline as well because I really just dont have an interesting life. It is sad I know. If the questions had changed I would be up for it
Nice interview. I hope the MTG based mmo gets taken up by some developer, that would be wonderful!
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